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George Pelecanos: Vote Shallal!

Two years ago, LL nominated neo-noir novelist George Pelecanos for D.C. mayor. He'd be the perfect candidate to really grit up the city, Silver Spring residency aside.

Pelecanos didn't take LL up on the offer, but he's getting involved in District politics anyway. Mayoral hopeful and Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal says he's received Pelecanos' endorsement.

Pelecanos read from passages of his 2011 novel The Cut at a campaign fundraiser last night. A novel about an investigator and a "high profile crime boss" seems like a weird pick for a mayoral campaign, but Shallal says the passages were education-themed.

Following thumbs-ups from actor Danny Glover and writer Barbara Ehrenreich, Pelecanos is Shallal's third random, but somehow very fitting, celebrity endorsement. LL's waiting to hear back from a Pelecanos representative on the endorsement.

Shallal says Pelecanos was one of the first authors to read at Busboys & Poets. "His books really tell the story of D.C., and I almost think they should be required reading for anybody moving into the city," Shallal says.

Photo by Max Hirshfeld



    Really? Is that the best picture of Pelecanos that the CP can get of him? Dude is in a wife-beater and gas-station khakis with his head lights on.....geez!

    Yes, another endorsement for Andy from another "non DC-voter".... ok, nice. Don't quit your day job!

  • Will Sommer

    @REALDC That's his publicity photo!


    @WS- Oh? Well, at least his books are good.

  • Brett

    I'm not impressed. Whoever locks up the highly coveted Hayden Panettiere endorsement gets my vote.

  • Chris hauser

    Really? Give the man a free range quesadilla on the house.

  • Zed

    Love George Pelecanos, but there is something very 1%, elitist, circa 1960s politics about Shallal's endorsements - especially from celebrities who don't even live in the city. Disappointing and bizarre coming from Andy Shallal - who should know better. Brings to mind wealthy leftists hosting Black Panthers at cocktail parties in Manhattan and Berkeley to show they could get down with the Brothers. Knocking on doors, wearing out shoes, talking to people on the front stoops and building up a large and genuine grass roots organization wins elections. Is Shallal trying to get on the cover of People magazine or get elected mayor?

  • leodegras

    RealDC why you got to hate on his outfit? He looks hot. And Zed, Pelecanos and his family been living in DC for longer than you. And who are the Panthers supposed to be and who are the rich leftists in your dumb comparison? Y'all some ratchety non-logic using couch potato criticizers.

  • Chris hauser

    When busboys opens in ward 7 or 8, ring me.

    On the other hand, this is why Andy needs to be mayor.


  • Jes’ sayin

    So far, we've heard from George from Silver Spring, Danny Glover from NY and Hollywood, and - on a daily basis - from JoAnn Armao, the Oracle of Sunnyside Drive, who lives somewhere out there in Montgomery County and is forever telling us (in the WaPo) what to do and what is best for us.

    Here's a hint, Will. My vote doesn't just cancel theirs. It outvotes all three of them, by a count of one to zero.

    They don't live here. They can't vote here. And until WE have representation in Congress, I think I'm going to be rude and tell those who DO have representation in Congress to STFU and mind their own business. And that goes for ALL outsiders, no matter who they support.

    This is OUR business here in DC. Get lost, George.

  • stick2yourguns

    people voting for this man are wasting votes and allowing those who shouldn't stand a chance move closer to a chance.

    so he owns restaurants...what the hell does that have to do with being able to run a city???