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Ward 1 Candidate Beverley Wheeler Drops Out, Backs Challenger Brianne Nadeau

Brianne Nadeau

The Ward 1 vote against incumbent councilmember Jim Graham appears to be headed for a split, but it just got a little less schismatic. Former Phil Mendelson staffer Beverley Wheeler, who entered the race in September,  says she's dropping out and backing Brianne Nadeau.

Wheeler lagged behind the two other challengers in fundraising, raising only $6,830.00 compared to Bryan Weaver's $45,437.02 and Nadeau's $96,442.59. (Graham, who announced his plan to run after the Dec. 10 filing deadline, hasn't had to reveal his campaign committee's fundraising totals yet).

Wheeler says she's dropping out to spend more time with her mother and son, a senior in high school. "I haven’t helped him at all figure out how to pick a college," Wheeler says.

In a press release, Wheeler called on Weaver to drop out and endorse Nadeau. LL's waiting to hear back from Weaver.

While Wheeler claims she doesn't believe in the concept of splitting the vote, her new favorite candidate certainly does. Nadeau says that she hasn't talked with Weaver recently about one of them dropping out, but thinks Wheeler's endorsement puts her closer to being the race's frontrunner challenger.

“None of us want to see the vote split again," Nadeau says.

Correction: Due to a reporting error, this post initially understated how much Nadeau's campaign has raised. She's raised $96,442.59, not $58,699.58.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Marvin E. Adams

    There's only ONE way, either Ms. Nadeau or Mr. Weaver, can possibly have any chance of winning this election -- One of them will have to check their ego prior to the primary. Absent that, they split the anybody but Graham vote (see progressivess), and L-O-S-E!

  • Ward N

    Go Jim, go....PLEASE...anywhere, just go!

  • Corey G

    I'll be voting for Brianne. Time for someone new. People get complacent once they feel they've accomplished something on the Council. Jim Graham has done a good job, but sometimes it is worth getting some new energy in city government. I think that Brianne's experience in PR will help her find innovative ways to communicate with constituents.

  • Mack Thompson

    Ms. Wheeler seemingly recognized and accepted with disgust that she did not have--and could not secure-- meaningful African American/Black support, whereas CM Graham has a "lock" on the AA/Black vote.

  • Ward One Resident

    That really is the most unflattering photo of Nadeau. I'm no fan of hers, but I feel bad for her that CP keeps using that picture. It's horrible.

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  • MtP-er

    I like both Nadeau and Weaver...but I can't identify what, exactly, Weaver has done so far to campaign for this seat. (Meanwhile, Nadeau is out every weekend in all kinds of weather, knocking on doors, kissing babies, etc.)

    I fear Weaver is doing nothing to dispel the rumors that he's lazy (or the worse rumor, that he feels entitled to this job), but now his prior losses make it that much more difficult for him to drop out. IMO, he needs to see the end goal is getting rid of Graham and take one for the team.

  • SEis4ME

    I see a candid shot of woman sporting casual clothes w/a Nationals hat who looks as if she was engaged in a conversation.

    Not sure how "more" flattering any pic like that can be.

    She looks fine...human even.

  • Jonathan Groner

    I know Nadeau and I support her because she is thoughtful and has new ideas for the ward. Incidentally, I don't have any problem with the photo. It projects an appropriate image of seriousness.

  • Ward One Resident

    @Jonathan Groner, serious question, but name one actual idea. When I read her stuff there are lots of words there, like any good PR person knows how to write, but I don't see a lot of solid, concrete ideas.

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