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Gray Apologizes at Campaign Kickoff, Says It’s Time to Move On


Mayor Vince Gray tried to put 2010 behind him at his campaign kickoff today, apologizing for any harm caused by his last mayoral campaign, which remains under federal investigation, but saying that only his opponents and ratings-obsessed reporters will continue to dwell on it.

“ I want to apologize for the pain that my campaign—my campaign—caused, and I want to ask your forgiveness for what happened,” Gray told the crowd, earning him a standing ovation and chants of “four more years” at Ward 8's THEARC community center.

As with his apology earlier this week on WUSA9, Gray apologized for missing the campaign corruption said he could not, as he put it today, “apologize for the misdeeds of others.” Those others would include Howard Brooks, Thomas Gore, and Vernon Hawkins, all of whom have pleaded guilty to crimes connected to the campaign or the illicit shadow campaign.

“We can't be mired in the past, ladies and gentlemen, we have too much to do,” Gray said.


Gray campaign co-chair Jerry A. Moore III echoed Gray in his introduction, recounting a story in which a reporter asked him a "loaded" question about the 2010 campaign.

After his apology, Gray touted his record, including rebuilt high schools and a drop in unemployment. A short video spot played before the event focused on spreading economic development to all 8 wards. Campaign manager Chuck Thies declined to say whether it will be the campaign's first TV ad.

Gray did not talk to reporters after the event. Thies said that although Gray has apologized to voters, he doesn't owe an apology to defeated opponent Adrian Fenty, because the shadow effort didn't sway the election.

"I wish that you could take $600,000 and some yard signs and some T-shirts and change the outcome of an election," Thies said.

Closing his speech, Gray recalled his "One City" slogan. “I will continue to have your back over the next five years—one more year plus four," Gray said.



Photos by Darrow Montgomery

  • stick2yourguns

    gray or evans will be mayor....why do people think bowser can be mayor when she never earned or has mastered being a council person yet?

  • stick2yourguns

    what makes me mad is people wasting their vote on someone who can't win!! you may like the person and I am not saying something bad here....but it's clear who has a real chance of winning.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    @stick2yourguns; Answer to your query@#50, two words: Delusional City!

  • ecoleman


    Remember Malala Yousafzai, the young Afgan women who was shot in the head because she wanted an education? Remember President Obama, the African American presidential candidate who had the audacity to believe that he could be the first Black President of the U.S.? Remember the early colonist who had the nerve to believe
    that they could defeat the British? Remember that brave and compassionate Senator Elizabeth Warren who so bravely
    stood up against the big banks on behalf of the America people?

    Please don't be angered by those who moved to seek liberty and justice.

    Where is your faith?

  • tony

    oh man, shut the fuck up!

    I am tryna drink my hen-dawg and you keep writing this bull shit!

    Now you wanna be some ole' big civil rights leader. Man, you have lost your fucking mind.

  • ecoleman



    Did you know that as of March 15, 2013 that there were only 3 elevators in the D.C. Public Schools inventory (there are well over 100 in service) that were free of deficiencies, that many of these deficiencies were serious in nature and that the District operated these elevators while knowing that the licenses to operate them had expired? Did you know that there are homeless shelters within the District that don't have fully functional fire alarm//sprinkler systems? Did you know that vital life safety equipment in a large number of DC municipal facilities are not being inspected as required by law. Did you know that several DCPS are not secure and that anyone can just enter side and rear doors undetected?

    Call me a snitch all you want, but if someone's child had gotten killed on one of those elevators, I would have never been able to forgive myself.

  • HUAlum71

    TONY! TONY!! TONY!!!

    My main man. Sippin' on a little spiked egg nog left over from the holidays myself right now.

    Here's to you, my friend.

    Maybe we can send that tight ass ecoleman a taste. Might loosen him up a bit........NAH, that'll NEVER happen.

    Bonk! Bonk!!

  • drez

    ^ one city.
    We can do better.

  • noodlez


  • HUAlum71

    If I didn't know better I'd think drez and and schoolman were joined at the hip as Siamese twins. But from what I read, Siamese twins grow tired of hauling one another around.

    Those two will probably be hauling each other around co-signing the garbage they spew forth from their minimalist brains for quite a while if drez's obsession over VCG is a barometer of their mutual hatin'.

  • drez

    "VCG" is is the prime beneficiary from his felonious campaign that was funded by public tax dollars stolen from the people- you and me- by Jeffrey Thompson. He is not worthy. Hell, he didn't even pay the money back.
    Also, "VCG" is what his executive office employees call him. Much like the former Mayor's called him "AF" or "AMF".

  • SEis4ME

    lolol@DRez, still mad over 4 years later hunh?

    You're really gonna bust a gasket once Gray is reelected.


  • DCShadyBoots

    Gray has my vote. Hand's down.

  • http://WCP Coffee with Sugar

    I was homeless in DC during the Recession and Vincent Gray wanted to kick homeless people (including homeless FAMILIES) out into the street to save money - obviously. Many of the homeless marched the streets of DC in protest and it was even televised. Someone in a position of power who thinks that little of other humans (facing one of worst national crisis of their lives CANNOT have my vote. I urge anyone thinking about re-electing this man to keep this in mind and feel free to fact-check my statements about him.

  • LongTimeRez

    If Machen hasn't indicted him by April 1, Gray may very well win the Democrat primary battle. But there are more than enough Independent and Republican voters who are fed up with all the party shenanigans and the insider trading to elect a new face.
    Gray and Fenty were both decent CMs--they should have stuck to their knitting and ignored the corrupting influence of the imperial executive.

  • HUAlum71

    Why do I love to kick drez around?
    I should be ashamed of myself for picking on the little wimp.

    But damn, drez: Now you're making up shit about former Mayor(s)??? Which former Mayors? Barry, Williams, Pratt, Barry, Barry, Barry???? or former mayor Fenty. Big difference in that little letter 's'.

    AF= A FORCE!!!!
    If Fenty did call him by those initials, that is exactly how he should have referred to him.

    Enuff, little one. I dislike bullies and damn if you ain't tryin' to push me into bullying yo stupid ass into the ground. Do you ever get tired of being pushed around or are you having fun?

  • drez

    Gray will not be the next mayor. He's a crook. After watching his one and done term play out 76% of the voters in DC have decided that.
    You can vote for him if you like, but just realize everytime one of the few One City people cast a vote for Gray, David Catania smiles.

  • Anonymous,Too

    Speaking of stupid asses, just a bit of English grammar for you, HU.

    Drez said:
    Also, "VCG" is what his executive office employees call him. Much like the former Mayor's called him "AF" or "AMF".

    Also, "VCG" [Gray's initials] is what his [Gray's] executive office employees call him [Gray]. Much like the former Mayor's [Fenty's executive office employees] called him "AF" or "AMF" [Fenty's initials].

    The big difference has nothing to do with the "s" and everything to do with the apostrophe before it.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    "I am NOT a crook."...Richard Milhouse Nixon
    John Mitchell, John Ehrlichman, H.R. Hadelman, Charles Colson, John Dean, E. Howard Hunt,G.Gordon Liddy, et al, may have thought otherwise.

    "I want to apoligize for you what my campaign-my campaign-caused."...Mayor Vincent Gray
    Thomas Gore, Jeanne Clark-Harris, Howard Brooks, Vernon Hawkins, et el, may think otherwise.

    What say ye, citizens of our nation's capital?

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