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Vincent Orange Gets a Campaign Kick-Off Date

Somehow, the mayoral kick-offs still won't be done after Vince Gray launches his campaign Saturday in Ward 8. Mayoral hopeful Vincent Orange circulated invites to his own campaign kick-off this morning, and LL has to admit that it sounds like a good time.

Orange is holding his announcement, billed as a "Black-Tie Gala Celebration," at the Kellogg Conference Hotel on Jan. 19. The invitation promises jazz, a DJ, a "food display," and "carving and ice cream stations." Guests should have more than enough time to enjoy the goodies, with the party running from 6:30 p.m. to midnight.

Orange is no stranger to feting his mayoral ambitions in ballrooms. Prepping for an unsuccessful 2006 mayoral run, Orange invited 500 guests to the Mandarin Oriental to watch a 10-minute video on his life.

Orange's invite after the jump

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward 1 Resident

    I love Orange's events! I will definitely be in attendance.

  • Orange you kidding?

    For a populist, seems kinda exclusive.

    Might as well have a good time with that war chest.

  • dodobird


    black tie gala? might wanna reconsider the campaign tag line, VO.

  • Al Edmondson

    @orange you kidding?and dodobird(so fitting)LOL

    The next time before you comment please read the piece/invite. It says, since I know you didn't read it, RSVP requested but not required,donations are $14,$20,$25, and $50. Hardly anything the average Joe couldn't afford to attend a black tie gala..
    If you would have gone you would have known that it was far above the requested donation entertainment value... smh... Some people criticize anything and everything.