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The Vince Gray Apology Tour Starts Off Slow

This is what the rehabilitation of Mayor Vince Gray looks like: WUSA9's Bruce Johnson in a room that's decorated like a La Quinta. In what's being touted as his first apology for failing to notice Sulaimon Brown and the malfeasance of the shadow campaign during his 2010 mayoral run, Gray sat for an interview yesterday with Johnson and said he's sorry.

"Frankly, the things that happened in my campaign, you know, they were painful, they were embarrassing to me," Gray says in the interview. "There were things that I wish hadn't happened and I'm very sorry that those things happened."

Later, Gray apologizes again, while still saying he didn't know about the crimes that have resulted in guilty pleas from friends Vernon Hawkins and Thomas Gore, among others.

"I didn't do anything, at the same time I want to apologize to people about the campaign," Gray says. "I can't apologize for what other people did, but it was the Vincent Gray campaign, I understand that."

"There were things that I wish hadn't happened" sits slightly above "I'm sorry if people were offended" in the hierarchy of C-list apologies, and it's not even one Gray's eager to repeat. Talking to reporters last night, Gray declined to repeat his apology, saying that LL would have to tune into more of Johnson's interview later that night to hear more from his mea culpa. (WUSA9's programming director must be thrilled.)

Gray also says it's not fair to characterize the WUSA9 interview as his first public apology for the campaign. He insists this isn't the first time he's apologized for his campaign underlings who were involved in the shadow campaign.

"I've said I'm sorry to other people," Gray tells LL. Gray declined to specify when he's previously apologized.

Gray says there's no agenda behind the timing of his televised apology, three days before his campaign kick-off at Ward 8 community center THEARC. "I chose the opportunity to do it," Gray tells LL. "I have done it, I invite you all to listen to it."

  • dcshadyboots

    I like the way my ward has improved under the leadership of Vincent Gray. I'll be voting for him. The U.S. Attorney has done nothing but waste precious District time and energy. I'm not swayed.

    Vincent Gray...4 More Years.

  • neo/dino

    Regarding #48: '.......re-electing a felon and a fraud"?

    What happened, Mr. Madden?
    Did you and the new Loose Lips guy miss a memo from the Feds??? Bet Bruce Johnson wishes he'd had that scoop night before last. That drez person really has it bad. The Gray hating/Fenty loving persona is very revealing.
    Wonder what was really going on with drez and Fenty or one of his gang bangers??? Never mind....TMI for my old ears.

  • Voter

    According to the DC BOE just under 70% of the new residents that arrived between 2008 and 2010, registered to vote. So if that metric holds true, and there isn't any reason to think it won't, then more than 36,000 of those 52,000 new residents are or will register.

    This isn't the DC of the 80s or 90s, there is a new majority in town, and they don't vote for people like Gray.

  • So on point


    You're so on point!

    @Felon is definitely Joshua Lopez


    And on Washington Post Online-> Lemme Guess -> Nupe + Joshua = @Nosh1

    So clearly predictable -

    @Felon or whatever you want to call yourself Lopez

    Your candidate is weak dude... She's not that bright and clearly not qualified

    You keep saying Gray had to cheat to win - which is ridiculous.

    Gray just had to show up on Election day and he would have won.

    He was never behind in any of the polls... Ever!

    And it wasn't because of money - it was because people hated Fenty and YOU.

    Fenty lost that election for himself and in large part because of YOU @Felon

    YOU lost Ward 4 for him, and YOUR behavior was downright embarrassing and offensive to everyone. When you think about that 2010 election and how Fenty lost... Don't look at Gray - Look at YOURSELF in the mirror... YOU have YOURSELF to blame.

    And Muriel IS going to lose!

  • Tbonebullets

    Perhaps the main thing that's going to turn off white folks to Bowser is the Sha-Na-Na association. She needs to get her tuchas over to Ward 8 in order to clarify her image.

  • Felon Gray

    You can swing at windmills all you like. I don't work for the competition, and the person I am voting for isn't a female candidate.

    I know its easier for you to believe that a massive felony enterprise that has cost 7 people probabtion, 5 people prison and 16 people and their grifter kids their (pay for play) jobs with another 5 people up in the air, "ain't no thang" simply because they are black, but here in the new DC, ghetto attitudes and dimished expectations have gone out as fast as the city has gentrified. You, and the rest of you bottom feeders that tolerate, no...celebrate this kind of activity embarrass me as a black man, and as a resident of the 21st century.

    It was weird, you would think as an older black man that I would have spent a life combating racism...but what I have found through my near two decades living in the District is that the black people living in the District are the racist people of any color I have ever encountered. They are their own worst enemy.

    You think "whitey" is keeping you down. No, you are keeping yourself down, and relecting a man that broke a dozen federal laws and who got nearly a dozen of his personal, close friends arrested and thrown out of their jobs isn't the way to grab a piece of the growing pie.

    It was really unfortunate for DC that all of the hardworking, educated, middle class black people fled the city in the 80's and 90's, leaving the likes of folks like Noodles. But, thankfully, that is changing at an unprecidented pace. At ~1,200 new residents a month, with the bottom feeders being gentrified out, DC is thankfully becoming a new place, a place where candidates like Gray are ridiculed for even having the audacity to run.

  • noodlez




  • Catfish

    I think Mr. Gray has done a very good job as Mayor and deserves a second term. Continuity in terms of department heads, job creation strategies and fiscal policy rather than a series of one-term mayors is also a factor in my thinking.