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Jim Graham Vs. the Rats

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's had enough with the rats of Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant, and he's taking his fight to the D.C. Council.

"Rats prosper on battery cables," Graham said as he introduced an anti-rat bill today. "Pizza is much better."

Graham's legislation, roundly backed by other councilmembers, would require District businesses with food licenses to file rat prevention plans with the city.

But restaurants aren't the only cause of municipal rat angst. Graham colorfully warned that rats will be feast on just about anything.

"Dog poop—Can I use that word? I think I can—is like an energy bar to rats," Graham said.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Typical DC BS

    Rats prosper on battery cables? Is Miss Graham smoking weed again?

  • GrahamIsARat

    Old Title: "Jim Graham Vs. the Rats"

    New title: "It Takes One To Know One"

  • cminus

    @Typical, believe it or not, Graham is correct here.

    Rats need to gnaw on things regularly or their teeth grow too large for them to eat, and they frequently like to gnaw on insulated wires and cables.

    You can see pictures of a Subaru engine eaten by rats at http://www.cars101.com/rodent-chews-an-engine-compartment.html

  • http://www.nomicehere.com paul

    In my 14 years of studying rat behavior, I have never heard of them eating "dog poop". They do appreciate the easily accessible water bowls though!
    Keep them in rat proof areas and you will force them to travel elsewhere for fresh water.
    Best bet:seal em' out!

  • truth hurts

    Rats do eat dog shit. It's one of the things rat exterminators look for.

  • jorge

    Energy bar—true or not that is hilarious!

  • JimA

    Graham is doing his job. Even if you don't like him, you have to admit that rat control is an essential government function for densely populated cities.

    Personally, I think that rat control is not aided by legislation as much as more frequent trash removal good and professional extermination. If trash were removed on a more frequent basis, there would be less for the rats to eat.

  • jj

    his proposals don't really get at the problem. coprehensive rat pland for resttaurants don't help me. i don't live near a restarant. i live near a park, and a city trashcan that is filled with dog poop from walks. if he's serious about this, he'll call on the DPW to pick up trashcans like that mroe regularly and for the parks to be better maintained so that rat nests don't develop, before he starts to impose things on businesses that aren't even 'actions' - just 'plans'

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