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Pete Ross Gets Something Else to Spend Money On

Furniture magnate and shadow senator candidate Pete Ross isn't afraid to spend his own money running for the little-recognized volunteer position. In his unsuccessful 2012 for office, Ross spent $202,000 of his own money, and he's already donated $60,000 to his 2014 bid to unseat shadow senator Paul Strauss.

Now Ross may have to reach into his pockets yet again, after landing a fine last month from the Office of Campaign Finance.

In August and September, Ross gave his campaign $25,000. Or so he says! When OCF asked the campaign on Oct. 16 for canceled checks backing up the transfers, Ross' campaign clammed up, according to the agency. Ross' campaign still hadn't responded by Dec. 12, earning it a $1,100 fine.

Ross hasn't responded to LL's request for comment, and LL isn't the only one Ross hasn't gotten back to. Office of Campaign Finance spokesman Wesley Williams confirms to LL that, as of today, Ross' campaign hasn't paid the fine or provided the documentation backing up the contributions.

Photo courtesy Pete Ross


    Pete THE CHEAT Ross has not paid his Campaign workers. Reports of over 30 black workers looking for Pete Ross to pay up!. If know anyone who has not been paid their money from the April 1, 2014 Pete Ross 2014 campaign please contact the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance 202) 671-0547 and Dorothy Brizill dorothy@dcwatch.com