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Morning Links

Annual homicide rate up in 2013. [Times, Post]

The D.C. politics quotes of 2013, with a certain bribe-taking pol at the top. [LL]

Today's the deadline for nominating signatures. Here's A look at the races. [WAMU]

Post columnist Robert McCartney calls the mayor's race for Muriel Bowser. [Post]

Tommy WellsDavid Grosso to oppose new OSSE head Jesus Aguirre's nomination. [Post]

Lotto contract wrangling could cost D.C. $300,000. [Post]

Demerits and commendations in the annual D.C. statehood "Hoodie" awards [51st State]

New traffic cams will issue tickets next month. [Times]

Feds get smaller transit benefit, bigger parking benefit. [WAMU]

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  • The Truth

    Well I guess Mayor Gray is relieved that the Washington Post called the race for
    Muriel Bowser. Their endorsement is routinely the kiss of death for candidates, and proves
    ever so often how out of touch they are with DC. Vince Gray mops the floor with Bowser easily.
    She has little to none noteworthy accomplishments as a Councilwoman, basically zero legislative record, and constituent services responses are awful.

  • SEis4ME

    Does anyone have an idea of the WPOST's track record in endorsing successful candidates?

    Jack Evans, Wells or even Orange will have a much better shot at the election than Bowser who is essentially running on Ron Moten's former platform against Gray.

  • Not Surprised

    The WaPo's still heartbroken that their token guy Adrian Fenty lost the race. With new residents in the city along with a new CEO, the WaPo is PRAYING that their endorsement carries more pull this time around than the former races.

    I still view the Washington Post endorsement as a disconnect for the whole city, only representing West of the River. If you looked at which Mayor is the best for the whole city, then Muriel Bowser surely will not be in the conversation.

    Good Day!

  • SEis4ME

    In all fairness...the Post hasn't endorsed ne1. A columnist who works for them has.

    But the WAPO's track record is rather bad...

  • Joe

    I'm voting for Muriel. I grew up EOTR and have family there and that end of DC needs her energy and commitment. I live in Ward 4 and shes been a great Council rep.

    Muriel Bowser 2014!

  • SEis4ME

    lol@Joe, really? I've now talked to TWO of her volunteers and the most I got out of her "EOTR" plans was that she would do things different from Gray. When pressed, the answer was...."do more to support businesses development EOTR"

    I can assure you folks, her campaign strategy for EOTR doesn't go an inch beyond, "ethics, more development opportunities."

  • Really

    Let's be honest... Muriel Bowser is an empty suit, lacks the intellect that is needed for the Executive Position. I'm not saying she's brainless, but she is not bright. Truthfully, her answers as to why she wants to be mayor and her vision for the city are pathetic. Sounds like she is running for student government in High School.

    In addition, a vote for Muriel is a vote for that despicable Green Team 2.0 and the resurrection of all the usual suspects... You know who you are.

  • truth hurts

    One city native Washingtonians have short memories. In 2006, WaPo endorsed Gray for council chair and Fenty for mayor. Both won their respective elections.

    It's true WaPo didn't endorse Gray for mayor in 2010 and Gray nevertheless won the mayoral election. Yet it's also true the 2010 mayoral election was corrupted by a flood of Jeff Thompson's illegal "donations" (about 1 million bucks)coughed up shortly after Gray and Thompson met privately in Jean Harris' condo. Mayor character, integrity, leadership has refused to discuss that meeting with the US atty or with the citizens of DC.

    Gray's peeps cheated, pure and simple. Hating Fenty doesn't change that fact.

  • DC5

    Big deal. Why does Citizens United apply everywhere else but here? I don't agree with secret PACs and unlimited campaign donations by interested contractors and other rich people, but if the Supreme Court says that's what the law allows then it should apply here too.