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Loose Lips Quote of 2013: Ron Machen

“It’s not like we’ve been looking at this for three years and there’s no there there. I mean, there’s there there"U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, Nov. 20.

Two years into Ron Machen's investigation into Vince Gray's 2010 campaign, did the U.S. Attorney promise more than he could deliver? People wondered what was taking so long, with guilty pleas from straw donors and shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins looking like mere beats in a countdown that, time and again, fizzles out before nabbing Gray or alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.

But in a interview with NBC 4's Tom Sherwood this fall, Machen defended his investigation into the last mayor's race even as the next one was beginning.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • drez

    I estimate gray's support city-wide at 20% or less.
    The best thing he has going for himself is a crowded field.

  • HUAlum71

    Nah, d I have to disagree with you there.
    The Plan is not working with the mayor because The Planners are quite happy with the way things are going under Gray in DC and it may be because he looks White from a White man's perspective. From my perspective (which I agree is limited in scope), only 30% of the people who count don't support the mayor.

    It ain't broke and they ain't tryin' to fix it. The Plan will ultimately win out until the little mixed babies take over the entire world. Then, and only then will we be free of the scourge of the Cress-Wellsing theory. Of course that is exactly what The Planners are afraid of, but it's much too late. That African gene pool will not be denied.

    Happy New Year to you and I hope you can finally get over that whuppin' Ole Gray put on yo boi, the Fenster. It is affecting your otherwise cool comment meter.

  • drez

    "People who count"?
    And then to add in the whole white/black thing?
    To quote Clinton Yates from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/local/wp/2013/12/31/my-d-c-your-washington-whatever/
    "I don’t need, say, an 80s/90s (or 70's- drez) Howard grad from lord knows where, who happens to be black, telling me about who is and isn’t a real Washingtonian. That never has, and never will, make any sense. Marion Barry was born in Mississippi. Chuck Brown was born in North Carolina. Ben Ali was born in Trinidad. None of that takes away from their legacies in this city."

    What counts is who will vote and what they believe. Pretty sure my read is accurate.

  • HUAlum71

    Yeah, Dude.

    People who count!!!!!
    Not people who believe what they read in biased media reports.
    Not people who are not registered voters but who would count in your ridiculous 80%.
    Not the DC suburbs peeps who always want to meddle in DC politics when they should be worrying about their own elected officials.

    Not people who still can't get over the fact that VCG won the election over the WaPo endorsed candidate with much less money. And from what has been reported, the Old Man is kicking butt again with NO campaign $$$$$. Use that to consider why he didn't need the money from the 'shadow campaign' that was just that: A Shadow.

    Don't have time to decipher your quotes, Dawg, too busy getting my Happy New Me thing on which will include not attempting to interact with people who live in the past and can't get over their losses.

    Marion Barry was born in Mississippi but will always be more of a Washingtonian than any of those newcomers. Chuck Brown may have been born in North Carolina, but he went to elementary school in DC and stayed here.

    Ali was born in Trinidad and took stone cold advantage of
    his cougar, Miss Ann of Ann's Hotdog Stand fame when he was a young student at good ole HU and then to his credit, made her good business sense into Ben's Chili Bowl.

    At least those people you mention HAVE legacies in the city. And yeah, Man, what counts now as before, is who will vote and what they believe. Pretty sure the read of who did that in 2010 is accurate. Don't cha think?????

    Outta here, drez. You must live a miserable life. Find something new to harp about. Your anti-Gray thing is as old as last year's New Year's pigs feet, black eyed peas, and cornbread.

  • drez

    ^ one city, LOL

  • Dan Brockworth

    1 city, 2 campaigns