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D.C. Will Be the Hippest City in America, Mayor Says

Vince And Samurai-1

Vince Gray, hipster mayor

The District is at all-time peak hipness. We've got artisanal ice and our own brand of house music. The District's so hip, we're over ramen. But like some crazed, sleeve-tattooed Captain Ahab, Mayor Vince Gray isn't satisfied. 

At an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting in Georgetown last night, Gray touted the city's second-place ranking on Forbes' 2012 list of coolest cities. His staff passed out a flyer that included the ranking, illustrated with a tiny handlebar mustache, on a list of the District's accomplishments.

Still, Gray isn't satisfied. He's set his sights on the top dog: uh, Houston.

"They're going to be number two before too long," Gray told the audience at the ANC meeting, maybe not the best crowd to enlist in his campaign to re-hip D.C. "We're going to be the hippest city in the United States!"

OK, a couple things. LL's a proud son of Houston himself, but, despite its "city of syrup" reputation, he has to suspect any list that puts it as the hippest city in America. And Gray might have to convince Forbes to play along with his scheme: According to its website, the magazine hasn't produced the coolest list at all this year.

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    This really sucks. Truly cool cities do not find themselves on hipness lists. We certainly shouldn't want a mayor who wants us tops on a hipness list.

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    This is not hip. Never was and never will be. Good places to start: focus on things other than that ladder you're constantly trying to climb.

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    Houston? That's a joke, right?

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    @truth: I agree -- what's shameful is that someone thought to put us on a list in the same vicinity as the "Houston." Clearly, "Manhattan" deserves to be on a list next to Houston, along with Atlanta and other such places, but not us.

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    Hippest city for everyone outside the black community.

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    Sorry, Vinny, but you can't hip and kiss Walmart's a$$ at the same time.

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    ...says the 71 year old in a bad Bill Cosby sweater knock-off. Although I dig the cat

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    The mayor pushing "hipness?" That's actually quite embarrassing.

  9. double income no money

    This IS a joke, but you forgot to add the funny part.

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    I would like for DC to be known as a city with one of the best educational systems in the country. How out of touch can this mayor be?

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    Any city - or person - that feels a need to define itself as "hip" ain't hip.

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    I nominate city paper for no.2 hippest small newspaper in Washington.

    Right behind those other censorers the post.

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    Well the city is on par to be the next 1% metropolis in the nation. Middle class be damned, God forbid if you are working class. You'll be living south of Woodbridge before its all over.

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    @ Ship of censors:

    Is there a specific comment on a specific post you're referring to? I don't see any waiting for approval in our moderation queue, which flags comments automatically and which we clear as quickly as we can. We approve the vast majority of them.

    In general, I would note, though, that "censorship" seems like a less than apt term for moderating comments: No one has an intrinsic right to leave comments on a website that we maintain, but of course we won't do anything to stop you from saying whatever you want on your own site.

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    The Mayor's sweater in the picture is a relic from the late 1980's - early '90's.

    Not hip.

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