Loose Lips

Morning Links

Council gives final approval to $11.50 minimum wage, Vince Gray expected to sign. [LLWAMU]

Bad news for LivingSocial: "The daily deal is looking deader than disco." [WBJ]

Council bounces Gray's Supercan funding plan. [Post]

Tommy Wells backs cost of living increase for cops, firefighters. [NBC 4]

WUSA9 anchor J.C. Hayward deals with attorney general lawsuit. [Post]

WBJ looks back at the Walmart fight. [WBJ]

Gray angles to put Wizards practice facility in D.C. [Post]

Why is Qatar interested in D.C. real estate? [Post]

MedStar wants to head downtown. [WBJ]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Really?

    Soooo, no coverage at all on the WCP about Virginia Ali's "80th" Birthday? But we've had a full week damn near of who is spray painting bike lanes.

    I couldn't stay long but there were some highlights. Bill Cosby calling Jim Graham...Jim Brown. Jack upset Vince introduced the council's resolution proclaiming Dec 17 Virginia Ali day.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Qatar has not put one penny in on the African continent and here in the United States of America Qatar has ignored the economically disadvantaged Muslim African-American neighborhoods and small businesses. With the wealth Qatar has there should not be one starving Muslim in the world.

  • S.E.

    "Tommy Wells backs cost of living increase for cops, firefighters".

    More grandstanding by Wells!!

    Got a tip for 'ya Toby..........These two Unions haven't endorsed a Mayoral winner in the past 10-15 years!!!