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Loose Lips Quotes of 2013: Nominations

Early frontrunner Michael "Piece of the Piece" Brown

2013: what a year for words. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander worried about something "untoward" in the ambulance fires, and Ron Machen insisted that there's "there there" in his  investigation into political corruption. Vince Gray told Muriel Bowser to "bring it on," and Marion Barry nominated the National Park Service for "Mofo of the Month."

On Dec. 30, LL will start running blog posts on the most memorable quotes of the year. Until then, leave your nominations in the comments.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Not the Best
  • http://nbcwashington.com tom sherwood

    "There's there there.": US Atty Ron Machen during my one-on-one interview at The Hill Center November 20th. “You’ve got four people associated with a mayoral campaign who have pled guilty to felonies,” he said. “It’s not like we’ve been looking at this for three years and there’s no there there. I mean, there’s there there, and we’re trying to gather information, we’re trying to get documents, and we’re trying to talk to people.”

  • DC Guy

    "Bitch set me up"

    Because it never gets old.

  • BB

    “I certainly wish I hadn’t said what I said, if I said it”
    -ethically-challenged council-member

  • truth hurts

    Coupled with: "I've said what I've said." Ethically challenged mayor.

  • drez

    There was another good quote from Machen about how some of the people calling for the end of his investigation are the same ones who are obstructing it.
    Gray needs to go.

  • http://twitter.com/kcivey KCIvey

    "Because the law allows you to do that right now and that's why we have the law in place to enable that to happen." –Jack Evans on why the LLC loophole for campaign donations should be preserved (on Kojo Nnamdi Show)

  • scott

    Paul Zukerberg on Kojo calling out the "tiny tyrants" on the council for cancelling AG election.

  • RealDC

    "This the worst city council, ever"- Jack Evans

    " I am working hard for the residents of DC"- take your pick from the city council

    ".... world-class city..."- any pol in DC

    " I'm for ethics"- several DC council members.

  • truth hurts

    Upon reflection, "piece of the piece" is the winner. It best captures the city's unprecedented year of pervasive political corruption.

  • HowardAlum71

    Nah, that's a good one; but the best of the best is Irv Nathan's: 'privileges for thee but not for me argument.'

  • David

    "I always want more." -Michael Brown haggling for his bribe amount


  • Mark Lee

    "The issue with the ANC system is that it's structured to attract people who have nothing better to do than oppose things." - D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Tiffany Baxendell Bridge (ANC 5B-03), August 15, 2013, explaining decision to resign position (Tiffany Bridge via Twitter - @tiffany)