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D.C. Council Passes Minimum Wage Hike

Move over, San Francisco. The District is about to have the highest hourly minimum wage rate in the country, after the D.C. Council voted unanimously in favor of a bill raising the wage to $11.50 an hour by 2016.

The bill, produced in concert with similar legislation in Montgomery County and Prince George's County, doesn't raise the wage for tipped workers. Despite backing a lower, $10 wage, Vince Gray will sign the bill, according to a spokesman.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • FunnyReports

    2016? I am sure Wal-Mart had a huge part in stalling the increases. Pay to Survive or Pay to Play? Either way EOTR gets the short end of the stick anyway...

  • Gordon

    Sommer...Now how can you write about the passing of the minimum wage bill and not mention the leadership of Vincent Orange. No Nasty Vincent Orange comments you can share with the reader?

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  • southeast lady

    What a joke!!!! The increase won't be fully in effect until 2016. The cost of living will have gone up several times by then. Their take home pay will be back where it is today. What a joke.