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Jack Evans Officiates a Gay Wedding

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Among the crop of mayoral candidates, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans has shied away from criticizing Vincent Gray and even taken boos along with the incumbent at last week's education debate. Now here's something else Gray and Evans are in sync on—officiating a gay wedding.

While Gray officiated a wedding last month in the Wilson Building's mayoral suite, Evans held his first gay wedding yesterday in the Logan Circle home of grooms John Lazar and Ted Jarvis.

Evans, like all of his D.C. Council counterparts, can now marry couples without applying for an officiant's registration because of the August passage of the Marriage Officiant Amendment Act. Evans, along with his colleague Marion Barry, pushed from the Council dais for the special dispensation for councilmembers.

Evans, a Sex and the City aficionado, assured LL that he didn't expect any antics during the wedding.  "This isn't a Carrie Bradshaw movie, where somebody jumps in the back and Big comes running in," Evans said.

Indeed, Evans' officiating abilities proved up to getting the happy couple married. "This is great," Evans said after the ceremony. "I'm going to cry."

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Dan Reed

    Out of all the candidates, there is no doubt that Jack Evans has done the most for the LGBT community.

  • DCis4me

    Actually, Vince Gray is he Sex and the City fan. Read previous LL story on how he snuck out and went to see Carrie Bradshaw movie.

  • Bob Summersgill

    Tommy Wells officiated at a friend's same-sex wedding a few years ago, but it was not recognized by the state of Florida.

    Of mayoral candidates, Evans, Bowser, Gray, and Wells all voted for the same-sex marriage law as council members. I'm not aware of any of the other candidates opposing marriage equality. Evans certainly has the longest record in supporting LGBT issues, and he has led on a number of issues including HIV, domestic partnerships, and sodomy law reform. In recent years, that has been related to complex tax issues for same sex couples who weren't recognized by the federal government.

    Wells would get the number two place on length of record. He led some issues back when he was on the school board on bullying and non-discrimination. More recently, as Chair of the Judiciary, he led on the marriage officiants law, the birth certificate law, and is working with advocates on a very complicated and technical, surrogacy bill. He will be hearing two more pro-gay bills this week.

    Gray has been quite good on LGBT issues while Mayor.

    While some candidates have made LGBT issues priorities, none are bad, and most places would love to have any of them. Nice to be able to choose among friends.

    I am basing my support on other issues.

  • Out

    Muriel Bowser's silence is deafening. Can anyone really expect the gay community to accept going back into the closet? Why this 100, 000 lb elephant in the room is treated so gingerly baffles me.