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Poll Goes Missing on Graham Campaign Filing

Before he announced his re-election bid Monday, Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham launched an exploratory committee to poll on his chances. In an appearance this afternoon on WAMU's The Politics Hour, Graham touted what he says were the very positive results of that poll: a 54 percent approval rating for the incumbent, with Graham pulling 37 percent of respondents against opponents who are mired in the single digits.

Still, Graham apparently didn't like the poll enough to include it on the list of campaign expenditures filed Tuesday with the Office of Campaign Finance. Though Graham acknowledged conducting the automated poll in an interview with the Washington Post on Oct. 18 and again on WAMU today, the expenditure is nowhere to be found on his filing.

That discrepancy caught the eye of Graham opponent Brianne Nadeau, whose campaign released a statement today calling it the "first ethical lapse" of his campaign.

Graham didn't respond to multiple requests for comment from LL about the disappearing poll. But the Post's Mike DeBonis was apparently able to wrangle an explanation: Graham, who apparently hired the most patient polling firm in town, said his campaign treasurer just forgot to write the check.

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  • sbc

    oh my gosh. Nadeau and Weaver need to work something out where one of them (hopefully Weaver) drops out so Jim Graham is defeated.

  • truth hurts

    The release should've said "the first KNOWN ethical lapse" of Graham's campaign. I'd be surprised if it's the only on thus far.

  • DebbieHarryComeBackToDC!!!

    Why should Bryan Weaver have to be the one who drops out of the Ward 1 race? His bona fides include standing up to Muriel "ga ga ga give me five dollas jeffrey thompson" Bowser's phoney ethics reform legislation by helping initiate the DC Committee to Restore Public Trust and working his butt off to get Initiative 70 on the ballot; previously ran for Ward 1 Councilmember in 2010; and has served his community as an ANC commissioner.

    Additionally, to quote the City Paper on 4/22/11: "We’d rather endorse Bryan Weaver, though. He’s spent years working with—and for—at-risk kids in Adams Morgan. He’s demonstrated both a fierce commitment to fairness for all D.C. residents (he’d push for new tax brackets for high incomes, to help balance the city’s budget without putting most of the sacrifice on poorer residents) and a pragmatism that could keep him from being marginalized on the council (as Advisory Neighborhood Commission chairman, he negotiated a deal making hotel developers promise to hire local workers in exchange for a $46 million tax abatement, which is more than other city officials bothered to do). His irritation with the petty scandals at the Wilson Building is clear: He says he won’t take an outside job if elected, something other councilmembers do, despite salaries that are the second-highest in the nation at $125,583 per year. And he would join a growing urbanist bloc on the council that could improve everyone’s quality of life."

    Maybe Ms. Nadeau should show she's not just a smug political wannabe and throw her support behind Mr. Weaver.

    And while we're on the topic of Ward 1, when has Jim Graham ever not provided outstanding constituent service to the people of Ward 1? When was there ever a 3 am fire that he was not on sight to support those in need? When was there ever a moment he has not advocated to his fullest capacity for the Latino community of Ward 1? When has Jim Graham ever turned his back on the homeless, elderly or children? When has Jim "Grahmzilla" Graham ever ignored the LGBTQ residents of Ward 1? When has there ever been a new tax on the rich Jim Graham has not wholeheartedly supported?

  • RealDC

    @debbieharry come...LOL! you have to be a Weaver volunteer....LMAO. The reason that Graham wins is because Weaver sucks! He runs loser campaigns and it looks like he is running another LOSER campaign. You can't "whine" your way to the council, NOBODY likes a "whiner". This will probably be his 3rd or 4th LOSING campaign and hopefully the last one. You are becoming Queen Graham's bitch, he will beat you anytime and anywhere.

    Suggestion: Get a "new" campaign team and get new results. Actually, its not your campaign team its the candidate. It is very obvious that you are not that "LIKED" in ward 1. Give it up Weaver, you are becoming punchline..... Munson from the Kingpin....Another Weaver in the race .....Loser!

  • DC Guy

    My sense is the Weaver is a good guy, but Brianne has shown dedication to this race for quite some time. No matter, the three candidates ought to get together and figure it out, or else Graham will win again.

  • Elfless

    Ick ick ick

  • NE John

    I hate politics in my hometown of 57 years. The fact that leaches like Graham can roll back into office every election is depressing. I vote too, never for him, which makes it all the more depressing. I'm Ward 5 and was one of 60 people in my area that did not vote for Harry Thomas Jr. DC is full of stupid idiots. Merry X-mas. Do the same thing next year morons.

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  • Typical DC BS

    @NE John: YES!

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