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Morning Links

Vincent OrangeMuriel Bowser, and Jack Evans voted to close the LLC loophole, but their campaigns are benefiting from it. [WAMU]

Evans breaks $1 million in fundraising. [LL]

Tommy Wells goes shopping on his minimum wage budget. [WAMU, LL]

Jonetta Rose Barras considers Andy Shallal. [Post]

How much weight should go into "great weight"? [Housing Complex]

Post ed board weighs in on teachers union debate: "Shame on those who pandered to the noise." [Post]

Reports show D.C. students moving between schools. [WAMU]

Everybody loves ballot questions, except the D.C. Council. [LL]

Hospital nurses vote to unionize. [Post]

The streetcar is here, sort of. [WAMU]

Mystery stenciler hits D.C. bike lanes for good.[WCP]

Food trucks respond to new vending rules. [Young & Hungry]

The D.C. health exchange won't release its numbers. [WBJ]

Equipment on police cruisers auto-scans license plates. [WAMU]

Someone's trashing Blade boxes. [Blade]

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  • FunnyReports

    Unless a candidate is in violation of the law, it is gratuitous to keep harping on campaing contributions. The media should retreive a document that highlights the law, so that people are not given false information or persuaded to think that candidates are breaking the law.

    I would rather hear about why East of The River is slow on development and why political figures can still hold outside employment.

    I will not vote for any Mayoral candidate that currently has a 2nd job. If you cannot devote your full-time to the citizens of DC then I cannot trust that you will give your honest all if elected to be Mayor.