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Jim Graham Will Run for Re-Election

Jim Graham will run for re-election, the Ward 1 councilmember announced this morning on NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk.

Graham, 68, had been mulling another run for his seat with an exploratory committee, which conducted a phone poll on his prospects. While his age made him consider not running, Graham says he was convinced to try for another term after a series of recent community events, including his turkey giveaway.

Graham also addressed his series of ethical travails, which range from not reporting an offered bribe to authorities to involvement in a Metro deal that earned him a D.C. Council reprimand.

"I certainly wish I hadn't said what I said, if I said it," Graham said, an apparent reference to a May 29, 2008 conversation in which Graham allegedly offered to stop opposing a bid for the District's lottery contract in exchange for them pulling out of an agreement for Metro property.

Graham's entry into the race creates the possibility that the candidates seeking to unseat him will split the vote against him.

In a statement on Graham's candidacy, opponent Brianne Nadeau criticized his constituent service operation as "reactionary" and described herself as his "lead challenger." Via email, fellow challenger Beverley Wheeler expressed "surprise" that Graham is running.

In his own statement, yet another Ward 1 candidate, Bryan Weaver, said Graham's run was a sign that he's out of touch with Ward 1 voters. "Washingtonians can no longer close their eyes and ears to the city's corruption," Weaver says in his statement.

Graham also weighed in on the mayoral contest—"a horse race"—while declining to offer an endorsement for any of the candidates. Still, Graham said he understood why Vince Gray would want to run again.

"For him not to run for a job that he loves very deeply is succumbing to a fear of the unknown," Graham said.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    It is time for the challengers to come together and determine which ones should drop out. Graham is banking on a split vote. Of course he doesn't want to walk away. Where else would he go?

  • monkeyrotica

    I feel it's only right and fair that the man who almost singlehandedly destroyed Metro by cutting into maintenance with extended service hours should stick around and see the job finished.

  • Bob

    Long live the Queen!

  • http://dcjack.org Jack

    Ward One has seen spectacular development during the past decade. Columbia Heights is virtually unrecognizable, compared to its state before the Metro station arrived. U Street is vibrant and thriving. Georgia Avenue is on its way. Say what you will about Jim Graham's mistakes, he's been great for Ward One. He gets things done!

    It would be a mistake, I think, to turn him out in favor of a novice. His challengers are all admirable individuals. But they would have nothing like Jim's influence at the Council.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yes, Jim Graham organized ALL that development in Ward 1. Yes, he is the main reason behind that. PLEASE.

    DC Guy is right - Ward 1 needs to run ONE contender against this scumbag and get Graham out of the DC Council.

  • Yellow Blanket

    The list of candidates will be long and includes one or two who are probably not that loyal to DC and have just as much chance of moving out before the election as staying (PREDICTION! - that's easy in Ward One). Sigh. DC. Where really, no one wants to stay. But people sure do want our real estate.

    Nope, it's Graham again. And again, holding my nose.

    There's just no one else.

  • RealDC

    LOL.... ward 1 get what it deserves if they vote Grahamcracker back in.

    The folks that are running against him must be horrible. Geez. Grahamcracker for 4 more years...laughable!!

  • Continuing to be Amazed

    The allegations against Graham are pretty-much old news. Running against him, the challengers should have something more to offer beyond those reported "trangressions".

    Graham's aid did go to prison -- Graham wasn't charged. Whether he should have reported it is something that the voters can weigh-in on, but there's not much there.

    The "linkage" has never been explained, but what everyone seems to fail to put their finger on is: "So what was Graham doing that one believes was benefiting him and not the public?" With all the kings horses, and all the king's men...no one has found any reason that was anything but odd about it. Maybe "odd" was using power to influence recklessly, but that's not "crime".

    I am not suggesting that Graham is perfect; but who the Hell is running against him, aths others have pointed-out?

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  • truth hurts

    Compare one city's "I've said what I've said" with graham-stander's "I wish I hadn't said what I said, if I said it." Priceless.

    Both are old school pay to play pols who once were decent people but eventually crossed ethical/legal boundaries in the pursuit of power. Sadly, as things now stand, it looks like both may get reelected because the opposition can't unify around one solid challenger.

  • Chris hauser

    Good odds on the split vote, but I sense a coalition forming.

    Glad I live in ward 4 where life is quieter.

  • tntdc

    If it were just Bryan Weaver vs. Graham, Graham's goose would be cooked. Brianne Nadeau is Graham's Suliman Brown. What an awful person she is.

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