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Bowser, Orange, Shallal Turn in Combined 13,000 Signatures

The Board of Elections started accepting nominating signatures to get on  primary ballots today, inspiring three candidates for mayor to turn in what amounts to a combined 13,000 signatures.

Vincent Orange turned in what he says are 3,000 signatures, while Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal turned in 2,000. Muriel Bowser handed over 8,000 signatures, meaning she could afford to have 75 percent of her signatures disqualified and still make the primary ballot.

With petitions not due until Jan. 2, turning signatures in early mostly just gets the candidates publicity. That's especially useful ahead of tomorrow's Office of Campaign Finance reporting deadline and the marathon fundraising day preceding it.

There's a good chance many of the signatures filed today will turn out to be defective, though. Actually stopping at turning in exactly 2,000 signatures, the minimum required to make the ballot, would almost certainly keep Shallal off the ballot, for example. All three campaigns say they'll continue collecting signatures.

Vince Gray's campaign manager Chuck Thies declined to give the number of signatures collected by the mayor's campaign, instead touting what he says is the relatively new campaign's 200 volunteers, while Tommy Wells' and Reta Lewis' campaigns didn't respond to requests for comment about signatures.

A spokesman for Jack Evans tells LL that they don't see an advantage in putting out their signature numbers now, which LL admits is hard to argue with.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Chris hauser

    If orange exceeds 4% of the vote, I'll wash wax and polish his Cadillac, or whatever he's driving thaws days.

    Kwame's postal truck would be cool.

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  • Calvin H. Gurley – 2014 D.C. Council Candidate

    Who cares petition signatures?

    Loose Lips,this public media machine, is directing voter’s attention to the number of signatures collected by each candidate.

    D.C. media organizations need to report the issues, the ideas and resolutions that each candidate will present to resolve problems that residents, communities and our children are now experiencing. We are three months before a critical election and media is failing to inform voters and residents on the positions and issues of each candidate.

    This need (for the candidate’s positions) is imperative since the winter weather has caused many residents from attending several candidate forums.

    Calvin H. Gurley
    Candidate for D.C. City Council 2014


    bowser can turn in billions of signatures but residents need to pay attention she smiles in your face now cause she needs your vote but ask the residents who she has turned her back on. Once she gets what she wants from you she is done with you. You won't see her again until the next election.

  • SuperD

    Muriel Bowser is a good person and she is the best person running for Mayor and I hope that people would give her a chance.

  • DC Guy

    What gives you any sense of professional background that Muriel Bowser is the best person running for mayor? We don't need to give someone a chance on the hope they are up to the task.

  • Ward-8

    I am still trying to find out what bills or as a matter of fact what the hell has Bowser done since she has been on the Council except draw a paycheck.Even one of her hippie looking pollsters who knock on my door to get my signature could only give me some bamboozle BS about her alleged accomplishment as a Councilman before I unceremoniously told him to get of my property, He then said, I guess I should list you as a non-supporter. Hell if you can't figure that out by know, you and her have big problem and by the way Tell Muriel she may not even be a good fit for Walmart and they are hiring.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    At some point, hopefully sooner, rather than later, the citizens of this great city will arise from their catonic state. The truth of the matter is, it matters not how many signatures have been turned in, as of this date, especially in light of the fact that the candidates are cognizant of the timeframe and the numbers needed, in order to be placed on the ballot. At least, they should be.

    What is more important is that the citizens should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the candidates or the media, whose only purpose is to perpetuate their own selfish agendas. I am truly hoping that this election brings substantive change to the political landscape of the nation's capital. Time will tell...

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