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Vincent Orange Gives Up DNC Committeeman Spot

Sorry, Vincent Orange supporters—you'll only have one chance to vote for your hero on April's Democratic primary ballot. With his eyes on the mayoralty, Orange says he won't be running to hang on to  his spot on the Democratic National Committe.
Orange says he's giving up committeeman position to focus on his mayoral run and give [...]

Morning Links

We seized a strip club! [Young & Hungry, Times, Post]
Contractor and strip club investor Keith Forney, last in the news giving money to Marion Barry, says Stadium Club could be purchased by new investors. [Y&H]
John Boehner glares at D.C. Health Exchange website. []
Vince Gray, streetcar optimist. [Washingtonian]
Mayoral frat bro Bruce Bereano: save the e-cigs! [Post]
Mayor's race gets a Republican and [...]

Evans: Insurance Commissioner Firing Was “Big Mistake”

For a guy who could ended up running against Vince Gray, mayoral hopeful Jack Evans has had trouble finding anything bad to say about the incumbent. Thanks to local righty talker WMAL, though, Evans has finally found something to disagree with the mayor about.
In an appearance yesterday on WMAL's Morning on the Mall, Evans says Gray's administration was [...]

Machen: Election Won’t Affect Gray Investigation Timing

For a guy who is constitutionally incapable of speaking about the most interesting parts of his job, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen sits for a lot of interviews. That was the case last night on Capitol Hill, when the U.S. Attorney was interviewed by NBC4's Tom Sherwood and discussed, among other things, a certain unnamed mayor under federal [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray announces $187 million for affordable housing. [Housing Complex, Post]
WCP's People Issue is here! Featuring taxi commish Ron Linton and councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and David Grosso. [WCP]
Ron Machen won't be rushed. [LL, Post]
Fire department could encrypt some transmissions. [LL, Post, WAMU]
Gray says planning commission's rejection of Height Act changes was "disappointing." [WBJ]
D.C. still wants some control over building height. [Housing Complex]
Prosecutors want company [...]

Potential Candidates Potpourri

If Vince Gray is ever going to divulge his campaign intentions at his bi-weekly press conference, it won't be today. Gray begged off the umpteenth question by saying he doesn't currently have any plans to announce his re-election decision—although those plans, the mayor says, could change.
Gray's not the only potential candidate claiming to still be mulling his [...]

Fire Department Considers Encrypting Scanner Traffic

The D.C. fire department could soon follow the Metropolitan Police Department's lead and encrypt some of its radio transmissions, according to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander.
Quander says the department is considering a solution that would leave some traffic open while encrypting calls. He cited dispatch calls to emergency as an example of traffic [...]

Morning Links

Marion Barry comes out for Height Act changes. [Housing Complex]
But they go down anyway. [Post, Housing Complex]
Labor coalition wants minimum wage ballot referendum. [WAMU, Times]
Vince Gray performs a gay wedding. [Blade, Post]
Post ed board takes up voucher problems. [Post]
Twitter fight breaks out after Boundary Stone opposes increase in tipped minimum wage. [Post]
Younger slate wins Gertrude Stein election. [Blade]
Brooklanders spar over [...]

Vince Gray Officiates a Wedding

Adams Morgan residents Robert Robertson Jr. and Carlos Taylor had good reason to be nervous ahead of their Wilson Building wedding today, but Mayor Vince Gray confessed to some jitters of his own. After all, it was his first time officiating a wedding.
"I'm auditioning today," Gray says.
So, how'd he do? As an officiant, the mayor has a tendency to build [...]

Rob Ford Polls Better Than Vince Gray

The mayoral candidates faced each other in their first debate last week, but the race won't really get going until Vince Gray makes his decision about whether to run for re-election. While the mayor mulls his options, here's something for him to consider: He's polling worse than crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
Consider this September poll by Hart Research, the last [...]