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Paul Zukerberg Can Raise Money After All

The increasingly improbable attorney general candidacy of Paul Zukerberg has cleared another hurdle. Zukerberg, the only candidate in a race that's going to be delayed four years without intervention from a court, was told by the District's Office of Campaign Finance last week to stop raising money. But on Monday, OCF changed its mind.

"After further review, it would appear that the Campaign Finance Act does not specifically prohibit the collection of contributions or the making of expenditures by, or address the reporting requirements or contribution limits of candidates for the Office of Attorney General," OCF spokeman Wesley Williams wrote in an email to Zukerberg. Williams didn't respond to LL's request for comment.

Not that Zukerberg would have ended his campaign anyway. When LL talked to him yesterday after OCF told him to stop raising and spending money on his election, Zukerberg promised that he would keep at it anyway. "I will spend my own money if I have to," Zukerberg says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Chris hauser

    One of these days symbolic elections will be for real.

  • jorge

    Sheesh. These guys--actual violations seem to evade them, but they are great at enforcing laws that don't exist.

    Even if they did have the authority to prohibit collecting contributions for the attorney general's election, the law postponing the election hasn't passed congressional review yet, right?