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It’s Vince Gray’s Party and He’ll Vacillate If He Wants To

When Vince Gray celebrated his 70th birthday last year at Nationals Park, the team gave him a baseball bat. This year, the mayor got something much more useful: a few more days to keep the city wondering about whether he's running for re-election.

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, who along with Ward 5's Kenyan McDuffie was one of only two councilmembers who came, set the tone for the party at 14th Street's trendy Lost Society nightclub. "I don't know what he's going to do, but I want you to all to join me in stating one thing: four more years!" Alexander said.

The crowd joined in and, when Gray started his own speech, it looked like he would oblige them. In what looked an awful lot like an incumbent's stump speech, Gray touted recent test scores and the city's ever-rising number of construction cranes (what will Andy Shallal say?). But Gray, facing one of the most receptive audiences he could find for a re-election launch, didn't announce his plans.

"I love working on behalf of the District of Columbia," Gray said. "And I'm not going any further right now."

Still, Gray made a nod to the increasingly close Jan. 2 deadline for nominating petitions to get on the Democratic primary ballot.

"I know when Jan. 2 is," Gray told the crowd. "If I were to possibly run, is there anybody in this room that would help me?"

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • drez

    Looks like he's hoping for a "Draft Gray" effort.
    The only draft he gonna feel is folks holding the door open for him so he can make his exit.

  • Ward4forever

    Gray is arrogant. He's toying with people. "I might run, I might not, stay tuned."

    Gray hasn't announced because he might going to prison.

  • http://ruckoneword@aol.com Knowone

    Gray isn't going anywhere. You don't know if he did anything wrong and he will be mayor again .He don't have Anyone to run against him. them clowns on city councilman come on get real.

  • noodlez


  • Suse

    If he has nothing to hide then why hasn't he announced by now?

  • Fay Kname

    He's still waiting for the all-clear from Machen. If he can't get it in time to file paperwork, he'll file. But if he could file after there is a decision to not charge him, he wins in a cakewalk.

    I would like clean electoral politics, but I have nothing to complain about while Mayor Gray has been in his position.

  • Yes

    I remember the day well - the city's idiots, morons, and fools came together to give us Vincent Gray. Take a bow, all of you who voted for this loser.

  • Retired Cop 70

    Mayor Grays one city. Now that's the real joke the way I see it there are two cities here, the Rich and the Wealthy. The rest of us don't count and Gray knows it.

  • DCShadyBoots


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