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Potential Candidates Potpourri

If Vince Gray is ever going to divulge his campaign intentions at his bi-weekly press conference, it won't be today. Gray begged off the umpteenth question by saying he doesn't currently have any plans to announce his re-election decision—although those plans, the mayor says, could change.

Gray's not the only potential candidate claiming to still be mulling his options nearly two weeks after nominating petitions became available. Below, LL checks in with some (maybe) Council hopefuls.

Ward 1

With Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie and Council Chairman Phil Mendelson running for re-election, Ward 1's Jim Graham is the only incumbent up for another term who still hasn't declared his intentions. That's despite having the results of an exploratory committee-funded poll for weeks, according to committee chairman Matt Abbruzzese, who predicts Graham's decision by Thanksgiving.

"It will come shortly," Graham says of his decision.

A sphinx-like Abbruzzese tells LL that if Graham doesn't run, the announcement will be "Hollywood." If he does run, though, it will be even more "Hollywood."

Downtown Cluster of Congregations director Terry Lynch, meanwhile, tells LL he's sitting this one out. So much for that campaign website.

Ward 6

What is it with Ward 6 not-quite-candidates and Facebook fan pages? Back when he was Tommy Wells' chief of staff and publicly proclaiming disinterest in the seat, Charles Allen bought up Facebook ads promoting his page. Meanwhile, Navy Yard ANC commissioner and rumored candidate David Garber has garnered some 2,000 fans on his own page.

Garber, who's sent out tweets pondering a run, says he's still thinking about it. "I'm a young guy living in an expensive city," Garber tells LL. "And just working out the practical considerations of a campaign is something I'm considering."


Anita Bonds is running to keep her seat; Shadow Rep. Nate Bennett-Fleming is trying to take it. Former LL-turned-Postie-turned-D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute spokeswoman Elissa Silverman, who came in second in the April special election, says she won't run... at least not in April's Democratic primary (cc: Robert White). Meanwhile, Mount Pleasant ANC commissioner China Terrell, who told LL in September that she was considering running at-large, now says that she doesn't have any plans to compete.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Headline?

    Clearly this item should have been titled Potential Candidates Dump. Missed opportunity, Sommer.

  • DC Guy

    You failed to mention John Settles running for the at-large seat. He was an attractive candidate last time around, until Elissa Silverman had him bumped from the ballot over the hypocritical petition issue.

  • http://www.vote4tillman2014.org Dr. Shelonda P. Tillman

    Hello my name is Dr. Shelonda Tillman. I have been a Ward 6 resident for 37 years. I am running for Ward 6 Concilwoman and I wanted to share my background and political platform with each of you. I am not interested in the business as usual political genre that has plagued our City and ward for years. It is time to climb a STEEP mountain and focus on real issues such as Seniors, Transportation, Education, Ethics, People, and Pets in our community. In the near future, I would love to speak with you and the residents of our ward in reference to issues that many of my neighbors have, and how we can better manage Ward 6. I do not consider myself a politician by any means. My family migrated to this ward in 1954 and my legacy has called me to become a resource allocator that creates a framework of goals centered around my neighbors ideas, dreams, and visions to make Ward 6 the Beacon of our City.

    Please log on to my website to learn more about my platform: http://www.vote4tillman2014.org

    I am also on FB at Candidate S.P.Tillman as well as Twitter @Dr.S.P. Tillman.

    I am hosting several family friendly meet and greets throughout the Ward and I encourage parents to bring their children. I look forward to meeting you all!!!

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