Loose Lips

Morning Links

D.C. insurance commissioner William White canned after criticizing Barack Obama. [PostWBJ, NYT]

Andy Shallal fires his field director. [Post]

Judge denies Paul Zukerberg's for a request for an injunction to keep attorney general's race in 2014. [LLPost]

District blows deadline for making Reeves Center/D.C. United stadium land swap deal. [Housing Complex]

Not even mayoral son Carlos Gray can get a liquor license for mega-bar. [Post]

John Settles, kicked off the 2013 at-large special election ballot on a petition challenge, is running again. [Post]

Shallal says he opted against running as an independent because he wants in on debates. [Post]

School boundaries debate centers on middle schools. [Post]

District's vouchers program has weak financial controls. [Post]

Post ed board likes plan to cut University of the District of Columbia's sports teams. [Post]

Vince Gray opens his 20th playground. [WAMU]

Tough times for Jack Evans' other employer. [Post]

Evans pal Mark Plotkin: Muriel Bowser "has a long way to go." [Carol Joynt]

Another "knockout game" attack in Columbia Heights. [WJLA]

Dave Alpert: DDOT's not delivering. [Post]

Tommy Wells goes to Georgetown, not all students won over. [The Hoya]

GSA issues guidelines for FBI headquarters search. [Housing Complex]

Billy Martin, lawyer of choice for the wealthy and in trouble. [Post]

Walmart eyes Oxon Hill. [Post]

Boomtown, continued. [Post]

Illustration by Jandos Rothstein

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  • Asuka

    Oh look - no description of the perps who are punching people at random, and no pictures of the victims. That means the criminals are Obama's sons, and the victims are white. Does the press really think they're fooling anyone with this sort of biased nonsense?

    Remember: The OVERWHELMING majority of multi-race crimes are committed by blacks against whites. Stop lying, press.

  • seDCdude

    "The OVERWHELMING majority of multi-race crimes"

    WTF does that mean??? explain!!

    And are you TRYING to say that BLACKS commit MORE crimes against WHITES?? and if so where's your proof EINSTEIN or should I say SHITs You (Shih-Tzu)??


  • asuka


    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa:


    That's a national statistic, and I'd hazard to guess that DC's statistics are even more lopsided.

    There's the proof. What do you have to say, besides juvenile, grade-school name calling?