Loose Lips

Morning Links

Attorney General Irv Nathan suggests resolving Jeff Thompson documents dispute with Ron Machen, Machen's office not impressed. [Post]

Metro GM Richard Sarles apologizes after Red Line screw-ups. [WAMUWBJPost]

Rumors abound about future of MPD's gay liaison unit. [Blade]

D.C. health exchange boss conflicted over Barack Obama's healthcare announcement. [Post]

Council chair Phil Mendelson on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show at noon. [WAMU]

Chuck Thies: time for Vince Gray to make a decision. [NBC 4]

15th Street NW bike lane surfacing ends. [WAMU]

Post ed board says Nathan should hand over the emails. [Post]

Housing Complex's Aaron Wiener helps jay-walkers beat the rap. [Housing Complex]

Millennials can't get enough of D.C. [WAMU]

The Daily Caller discovers Andy Shallal. [Daily Caller]

Twitter moves into the 1776 tech building. [Housing Complex]

Can Shaw stay affordable? [WTOP]

LivingSocial puzzles out its two-day server crash. [WBJ]

  • drez

    It is preposterous that city emails with Jeff Thompson would be considered priviledged and exempt from discovery by federal prosecuters investigating potential corruption involving the Mayor.
    It's almost as if Nathan was doing his best to be an over the top parody of what Gray supporters claimed Nickels was: Fenty's government-paid private councel.