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Vincent Orange Not Worried About URL Bandit

At-Large Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Vincent Orange took some flak at last night's debate over the slow rollout of his campaign, which so far doesn't feature a registered campaign committee or even a declaration of candidacy. Orange says he'll fix both of those issues soon, but his tortoise-like entry could end up costing him something else. That's because his leisurely launch has enabled one of his critics to snatch up some valuable Internet real estate.

Check out vincentorange2014.comorange2014.com, or vincentorangeformayor.com. The identical sites with search engine-friendly URLs may sound like campaign websites, but they're actually devoted to lampooning the councilmember. They feature audio clips like Orange's declaration that he's "the best" and links to unflattering stories about Orange.

The site's creator or creators are anonymous for now (but should feel free to get in touch with LL). All three sites' URLs were registered on Friday, the same day that Orange's surrogate picked up nominating petitions.

Orange doesn't seem concerned with the sites, and rightly so. Facing his opponents' hefty bankrolls and the potential candidacy of Mayor Vince Gray, a burn book of a website genuinely is the least of his problems. "I hope they're having fun," Orange tells LL.

Besides, orangefordc.com is still available.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: LL spoke too soon—now orangefordc.com is taken, too.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    The term "bandit" would entail theft. Did whomever owns these sites steal them from someone else?

  • Oops

    Looks like this jokester reads WCP -- orangefordc.com has been snapped up.

  • SEis4ME

    Whomever the person is snatching up websites is a fool. Not much more you can say about that obvious facts. It's like, dude get a freakn life!

  • Smh

    Orange needs to have several seats.

  • Mike


  • JimA

    I am not a Orange supporter. But as someone with a background in technology law, I can say that whoever is using the URLs did so for apparently deceptive reasons. That was dumb. That is a violation of federal law and exposes the actors to civl liability.

    Memo to Orange: Go get a good lawyer and suue them.

    The web is s wonderful infrastructure. But when URLs are used deceptively we all lose.

    Go sue them, Vince.

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  • noodlez