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Another Wells for the Ballot?

With Friday's entry of Andy Shallal and Vincent Orange into the mayor's race, April primary voters now have at least six candidates to choose from. But Washingtonians hoping to back Tommy Wells could have another, more confusing choice of their own: which Wells should they vote for?

That's because, along with the livable, walkable councilmember, a woman named Octavia Wells picked up nominating petitions after they became available Friday. LL hasn't been able to figure out much about Octavia Wells, other than the fact that she registered to vote for the first time the same day that she picked up petitions.

If it's as hard for would-be petition signers to contact Octavia Wells as it was for LL, the councilmember's campaign has nothing to worry about. Octavia Wells' listed address, like Ward 6 Council candidate Joseph Slovinec, is the Community for Creative Non-Violence homeless shelter near Judiciary Square (neither responded to emailed requests for comment). LL's phone call to the number Octavia Wells provided to Board of Elections ended when the woman on the other line said there was no one named Octavia Wells there.

Is one of Tommy Wells' rivals pulling a trick on him? Campaign manager Chebon Marshall isn't concerned. "D.C. is an interesting political scene—only time will tell," Marshall writes in an email. "I'm confident that it won't affect our race."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward One Resident

    She also picked up petitions to run for Shadow Senator.

  • RealDC


    Wells and Bowser's campaigns are a waste of time. No sizzle! Flat as a flounder!

  • noodlez


  • drez

    Looks like CCNV doesn't coordinate closely with DMH or have a mental health services provider.
    Also, why the hell don't they sell that multi-million dollar property and take and use the money for something that would actually benefit their clients?
    }^{^}###!!! Poverty Pimps.

  • JimA

    I am not a Wells supporter, but clearly this was a dirty trick conducted by one of Wells opponents. And it's dumb.

    Wells can't win. Why stoop to to such a stupid act as putting forward an unregistered person who might be homeless? That is a cruel thing to do to an indigent person.

    City Paper, please find out which campaign did this. I won't vote the candidate responsible for this.

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  • anon
  • daladyobama@gmail.com

    Barack Your Vote 2014 Write in Octavia Obama for Attorney General

  • daladyobama@gmail.com

    Write in Octavia Wells for US Senate! Pass Prop 4 for marinol.