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Robert Brannum Hosts Draft Gray Meeting

In his first run for mayor, Vince Gray ran against Adrian Fenty, whose supporters wanted him to stay around so much that they made a song about it. Nearly four years later, Gray's own supporters are holding meetings around town to say the same thing to him.

In the meetings, first reported by the Post, Gray backers try to convince him to run for a second term. LL got the address of one of Friday's "Convince Vince" meetings ahead of time, so he checked it out.

Ward 5 activist and committed Washington Post hater Robert Brannum hosted the meeting in his Bloomingdale home. Waiting on his porch for Gray, Brannum told LL that he planned to ask him to run again. "He's my candidate," Brannum says. "He's my man."

Other attendees included Ward 5 Democrats vice chair Ronnie Edwards, DC Latino Caucus president Franklin Garcia, Latino Caucus PAC coordinator Hector Rodriguez, and deputy mayoral chief of staff Sheila Bunn.

At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds also made an appearance, although she said that her presence didn't mean she was backing Gray. "I'm here to have dinner with my friends," Bonds told LL.

Brannum referred LL's others questions about the series of meetings to a shadowy "them," declining to say who "they" were. The mayor was equally tight-lipped, heading straight past LL into Brannum's home, where he was met with a round of applause.

Update, 6 p.m.: Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie was also at the meeting, according to McDuffie spokesman Stephanie Liotta Atkinson. But, as with Bonds, don't take that as an endorsement. "Councilmember McDuffie is solely focused on his own election right now," she writes to LL.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Poor Person

    Sure the entrenched bureaucracy wants Vinnie to stay, he's the one keeping the fat in their gravy. Git yur DCPS education in one of Vinnie's (for the moment) newly spiffed up schools and then your DC guvment job for life.

    After his dangerous and embarrasing stunt around the shutdown I note that both Vinnie and Holmes-job for life-Norton have muted their self righteousness indignation as the poorest and most vulnerable have had their meager food rations cut. I guess you can finally get a table at Georgia Brown's so its good not a single government hack had to lose a day of pay. Where're the rainy day fund and the ballsy stunts now Vinnie now that some group other than your mid level management cronies are at risk? Children will be hungry Eleanor but I'll bet you'll slide up to some fatcat's buffet.One City indeed, one city to fund your coterie of corrupt incompetents.

    And this cute "I'm just here for the free booze and wings" is getting really stale, really fast, Anita!

  • truth hurts

    Brannum and Gray: priceless! Do a Google search of Robert Brannum. The guy's a nut-job.

  • RL

    Robert Brannum fancies himself the Godfather of D.C politicians, the crooks in office and the wanna be politicians he helps in his neighborhood - Bloomingdale.
    With Brannum on board, any local politico wins with questionable vote counts and fraudulent election results.

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  • Thony DC

    Get over it. The city is moving on the right direction and people are happy if not move