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Morning Links

Minimum wage bills set for D.C. Council hearing today. [Post]
Colby King: Time for Ron Machen to make up his mind on Vince Gray. [Post]
Gray extends freeze on hiring. [Times]
Post ed board backs pot decriminalization bill. [Post]
Bus catches fire. [NBC 4]
Eight people injured at Howard homecoming. [Times]
Three former schools open to charters. [Housing Complex]
Feds seize former Washington Times reporter's records. [Times]

Metro Forgives District for the Shutdown

Remember the shutdown? Well, the most interesting part of Vince Gray's shutdown press conference in front of the Senate—at least before the mayor decided to go all Tareq and Michaele Salahi on Harry Reid—came when Gray revealed that, with the District's $74 million payment to Metro delayed, the transit agency planned on charging the city interest.
The interest would [...]

McDuffie Announces Re-Election Run

In a deeply unsurprising move, Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie says that he'll run for re-election next year.
McDuffie made the announcement on a conference call last night with supporters. McDuffie plans to register a campaign committee with the Office of Campaign Finance today. So far, the race hasn't attracted any challengers.
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Morning Links

Vince Gray backs marijuana decriminalization bill. [LL, WAMU]
Marijuana fine could drop to $25. [Post]
D.C. cabbies join the Teamsters. [Post, City Desk]
Height Act fight gives the Committee of 100 something to do. [Housing Complex]
Post ed board: Gray should take "serious pause" over re-election bid. [Post]
D.C. bus driver arrested for drunk driving. [WTOP]
LivingSocial lost $25 million in the third [...]

Gray Wants Changes to Marijuana Bill

Tommy Wells' marijuana decriminalization bill already has the support of a majority of the D.C. Council. Now Mayor Vince Gray is on board too...pending some changes.
Deputy Attorney General Andrew Fois laid out the executive's case today. Gray and attorney general Irv Nathan say the bill should be changed so that civil marijuana penalties for minors would be [...]

Constituent Fund Reports: Water Bottles for Everybody

It look a little while, but all the councilmembers have turned in their October constituent service fund reports (except for David Grosso, who doesn't have one). Ostensibly, the funds are meant to help residents with issues like utility bills and rent, which isn't always how things work out. On to the goods:
Jack Evans' sports tickets, a regular [...]

Morning Links

CFO nominee Jeff DeWitt breezes through Council hearing. [LL, Post]
Vince Gray is for decriminalizing weed. [Post]
The WCP Pot Issue is here, featuring a marijuana dealer's perspective of decriminalization. Plus: where are the edibles? [WCP]
DDOT finally admits the streetcar won't run this year. [Post]
Council campaign finance bill moves forward. [WAMU]
Mayor opens St. Elizabeths East pavilion. [WBJ]
Pot decriminalization hearing that started yesterday continues [...]

A Frenemy With Weed

In a town where even the crunchiest causes have suited-up lobbyists behind them, Adam Eidinger, one of the District’s top marijuana activists, matches his ideals refreshingly well. He sports a military surplus jacket, orange glasses, and a thin, vaguely pharaonic goatee. Eidinger, the former owner of a hemp shop, speaks glowingly about a Washington state [...]

CFO Nominee Breezes Through Council Hearing

The District is one step closer to having a new chief financial officer today, after the D.C. Council's finance committee held a mostly uneventful hearing on nominee Jeffrey DeWitt.
Councilmembers reminded DeWitt of his office's independence; DeWitt promised in turn that he would stay out of politics. A deferential DeWitt started each of his answers by formally [...]

For Adrian Fenty, the West Coast Is the Best Coast

Now that Adrian Fenty is raking in money in Silicon Valley, he should think about kicking some of it toward Vince Gray's hefty legal fees. After all, Fenty owes him—a new Post piece on the ex-mayor's California exile makes it look like losing to Gray in 2010 was the best thing that ever happened to Fenty.
The profile, which comes with a [...]