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Morning Links

D.C. Working Families coalition forms to push minimum wage increase. [Post]

Credit card processor for cabbies is "completely collapsing." [WAMU]

LivingSocial sorry about associating dreidels with greed. [Post, City Desk]

New CFO nominee Jeff DeWitt passes another hurdle, but Marion Barry says he'll keep an eye on first white CFO. [WBJ]

Blade columnist: D.C. should subsidize medical pot businesses if necessary. [Blade]

Metro is undercrowded, according to counterintuitive report. [Housing Complex]

Home invaders take eight people captive. [Times]

Newsman Bruce Johnson attacked on the scene. [WUSA9]

Bike-borne cell phone thief on the loose in Georgetown. [Post]

Skyland Walmart expected in 2016. [WBJ]

  • SEis4ME

    Nice try at stirring the Barry pot Will. Barry noted that there were fewer blacks working in senior positions at CFO during the past years. If that's true, what's your issue (outside of the usual Marion Barry fear card) w/him making a pledge to monitor any changes?

    Had he noted there were fewer women working in senior positions at CFO and would watch to see whether that changes, would you have taken the same Barry shot?

    Of course not. This is classic rabble rousing.

  • drez

    The full quote from the story
    "Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) offered longer-winded comments, touching on his time as mayor and offering his usual defense of his performance during the city’s early-’90s financial collapse. But they ended in praise for DeWitt — “I have done a lot of checking with people in Arizona, in Phoenix; I’m getting nothing but high marks for him” — and a pledge that he will be watching the commitment to diversity exhibited by the city’s first white CFO.
    Barry noted his impression that fewer African Americans were working in the top echelon of the CFO’s office in recent years: “We’ll be working with Mr. DeWitt so that, as he goes forward, he’s sensitive, as I know he is, to the composition of the city.”

  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry, the days of "quotas" are LONG gone for hiring. Try hiring the BEST, regardless of race.

  • SEis4ME

    Try hiring the BEST, regardless of race.

    Or gender too...right?

  • noodlez