Loose Lips

Morning Links

Council starts mammoth hearing on minimum wage and paid sick day bills. [WAMU

First mayoral debate set for next month. [DC Bar]

City hands out $2.1 million in small business grants. [Housing Complex]

Federal City Council takes up Anacostia River clean-up. [Post]

Witnesses at Height Act hearing love the Height Act just as it is. [Housing Complex, WAMU]

Cabbies rush to install dome lights. [Post]

City opens school boundary debate. Cue frenzied parents in 3, 2, 1... [Housing Complex, WAMU]

Office of Human Rights director resigns. [Blade]

Some commercial property owners face hefty fine over data. [WBJ]

Gray cuts the ribbon on Harry Thomas Sr.—that's "Sr., not "Jr."—Park today. [DPR]

Photographer covers D.C. street memorials. [WAMU]


  • Blevins

    I don't think HTJ will make the dedication - although I'm sure he will be in his friend Vince's thoughts...


  • Buzy Bee

    Blevins that was funny as shyt. I agree!!! He can probably watch it on the news in the mess hall.