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Andy Shallal Will Pick Up Petitions for Mayor’s Race

Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal is inching ever closer toward a mayoral run. After telling the Post two weeks ago that he'd launch an exploratory committee, the restaurateur says he intends to obtain nominating petitions from the Board of Elections after they're available on Nov. 8.

"I'll be picking up the petitions," Shallal tells LL.

Under normal circumstances, that would make Shallal as much of a candidate as a person can be. But wary of election rules that forbid an office-seeker from campaigning before filing a declaration of candidacy, Shallal insists that this doesn't mean he's definitely running for mayor. Surely there are other nonmayoral reason to pick up the petitions—maybe his restaurants just need some scratch paper.

Shallal isn't new to politics, having chaired Michael A. Brown's ill-fated 2012 D.C. Council re-election campaign and supported Mayor Vince Gray. Shallal, who previously said that he would stay out of the race if Gray runs, doesn't know what the mayor's planning. "I'm not seeing movement one way or the other," Shallal says.

As for that exploratory committee, it still hasn't been registered 15 days after the Post story ran, according to the Office of Campaign Finance. Shallal says he's looking for staff for the committee, but he doesn't have much time left. "It will be a quick exploration," Shallal says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • joan


  • Julia Childs

    Okay, his last two forays into DC politics were for Vince Gray and Michael Brown so we know his ability to judge character isn't a strong suit. The food at his restaurants is ghastly so any commitment to quality or standards is fleeting. Why should anyone consider this character beyond his wildly inflated ego which he shares with the aforementioned?

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  • Shallal2Bilal

    Andy Shallal the way you pay your staff aint to BILAL...you know what I mean. And the food has gotten progressivesly worse when I visit your joints. I stopped going and if you run for Mayor of DC you will forever leave bad taste in folks mouths-even the ones who never say you. * Quote from that Rob Base song, you should listen to the whole song,son!

  • Shallal2Bilal

    * Correction-
    Even the ones whom never saw you....

  • stick2yourguns

    sorry sir but we already have 1 person running for mayor that has no clue on what to do (Bowser) we do not need 2.

  • drez

    He'd be better than that crook Gray.

  • Rosenwald

    From one that enjoys horse racing its always interesting when an unknown joins the usual suspects. Just know the track is muddy from the last race and not that fast or firm so sure footing is a must.