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Fight Over Jeff Thompson’s Files Could Reach the Supreme Court

The federal investigation into Vince Gray's 2010 campaign that started so humbly with cash payments to Sulaimon Brown has, by now, encompassed everything from Virgin Islands politics to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. Now alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson wants to bring in the Supreme Court.

Some background: The feds raided Thompson's house and business in March 2012, hauling away 60 boxes of documents and whopping 23 million pages worth of paper and electronic records. Brendan Sullivan, Thompson's feisty attorney, blocked federal review of the files for a while with a lawsuit, but lost the case in March 2013.

Sullivan's not giving up, though. In a petition first noticed by the Legal TimesMike Scarcella, Sullivan asks the Supreme Court to hear his appeal.

Neither Thompson and Gray are mentioned in the public version of the otherwise sealed case, which means Sullivan's petition has a lot of sentences like this:

The vast majority of the seized records have nothing to do with [redacted] but relate to confidential client matters, the operation of [redacted] business, and petitioner's personal matters.

Sullivan, who has a policy of not talking to the media, didn't make an exception for LL.

Photo courtesy Charles Parsons

  • Drez

    Vince Gray and Jeff Thompson stole from the voters and taxpayers through election fraud and overbilling DC and the Feds hundreds of millions of dollars in a Medicaid/Medicare kickback scheme. It's no coincidence that Suliamon Brown and Howard Brooks (who owned a medical devices company, among other interesting things) son were placed into positions of oversight of DC's reimbursement of these bills.
    Now Jeff Thompson's attorneys are stealing again from the tax paying public by filing repeated baseless lawsuits in an attempt to delay judgement against his client.
    This is become farcical. Machen needs to bring the hammer.

  • Truth Hurts

    Justice Antonin Scalia: I vomited for two hours after I saw the photographs your client has on his computer.

    Justice Clarance Thomas: I poured bleach in my eyes.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: You are a monster.

  • truth hurts

    The "Truth Hurts" above is a fake.

    To #2: Use your own moniker or use something like "NOT Truth Hurts."

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  • thinkfirst

    Sorry Drez but your wrong in saying Howard Brooks son was giving a job to have oversight on anything to do with medical billing. he worked in real estate and economic development.

  • Iggy

    It's really too bad there isn't some sex scandal aspect to this that could be reported to really kick the story up a notch.

  • DCShadyBoots

    He's GONE and he ain't coming back. GET OVER IT.

    You guys are worse than the tea party.

  • drez

    Gray is a crook.

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