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Jack Evans Hits the Club

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Jack Evans celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday at downtown's buzzy Park at Fourteenth nightclub, but he had the perfect gift in mind for someone else: the entire District of Columbia. The gift Evans would most like to get for D.C., according to the mayoral hopeful, is himself.

"Elect me mayor!" Evans said.

Evans' takeover of the downtown nightclub—popular with hip-hop stars like Drake and basketball players like LeBron James—may appear incongruous. The campaign fit right in, though, with Evans signs on the bar and beef tenderloin hors d'oeuvres circulating. Laptops open to the campaign's ActBlue fundraising page flanked the entrance to the club, since no birthday gift is more welcome than a $2,000 max.

Much of that money is going into the Evans campaign's total dominance of city lamp posts, organized by District field-game impresario Scott Bishop. Campaign manager Josh Brown is especially pleased with Bishop's signs. "I want this city to look like it barfed up Jack Evans," Brown declared.

Bishop described his strategy in more martial terms: Like any other good general, Bishops said, he softens a target up with his air force (the signs), then sends in the ground troops (canvassers).

Other than Evans, two other councilmembers—Anita Bonds and Vincent Orange—came to the party. LL asked Bonds if her appearance constituted a mayoral endorsement.

"Are you crazy?" Bonds replied. "They would boil me in oil!"

As for Orange, maybe LL will be at his birthday party-cum-mayoral fundraiser soon. Asked about his curious nondenial about whether he's going to run for the top job, Orange gave LL more of the same. "I'm not saying tonight, either," Orange said.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • DC101

    I can see jack sippin a coconut ciroc now - what do we get next a "go-go" for jack east of the river? -

    The number 1 way to say our campaign doesn't give a damn about talking to voters (or winning) is to liter our street lamps with paper signs - You have done a great job at that

    Bishop/Brown sound like OFA Rejects

  • Babyboy

    Good reporting my Will tho - !

  • anonymous

    "I want this city to look like it barfed up Jack Evans," Brown declared.

    No worries, Mr. Brown! It will... barf up Jack Evans that is!

  • Mario

    At least his campaign spent money at one of the only places in DC that surely doesn't need it. Hope the servers got some good tips.
    Since Jack has zero chance of winning, providing a little economic stimulus to clubs and restaurants is fine by me, just do it at "real" places, not playgrounds for the rich and connected. Oh wait, that's exactly what Jack is about, so well done!

  • Will S

    Scott Bishop was the guy who led the forgery effort on Anthony Williams petitions back in 2002 that eventually got Williams kicked off the ballot. Good pick, Jack.

  • Tim Bafachi
  • Billy Joel

    "barfed" Are we in high school? Is this an audition for Amateur Hour?

    Hope they have lots of money because this crew of yokels is sure wasting it if they're putting up public signs this early.

    Evans could have had a shot at this with a credible campaign with an inspiring message and a crack crew. Instead he's assembled a gaggle of poseurs playing make believe.

  • DCVoter Ward6

    isn't it illegal to post campaign signs on public property?

    Regardless, this tactic shows that Mr. Evans can raise money and print signs. It also shows he can't actually get voters to support him and put signs on their property.

  • dude

    evans has littered my neighborhood with his street signs. at what point does it become excessive? i hope their are as many outside his georgetown digs.

  • anonymous

    "...at what point does it become excessive?"

    Better question is at what point does it become illegal?

    Title 24 Section 108 of the DC Municipal Regulations governing campaign signs:

    108.10 No more than three (3) versions or copies of each sign, advertisement, or poster shall be affixed on one (1) side of a street within one (1) block.

  • anonymous

    ""Are you crazy?" Bonds replied. "They would boil me in oil!"

    Hm-m-m-m... Josh Barf oops, I meant Brown ... Deputy Campaign Manager Anita Bonds for DC Council
    February 2013 – April 2013 (3 months)|Washington, DC