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Sekou Biddle Becomes the Human Embodiment of Vote Splitting

Last month, LL wrote about Ward 1 challengers Bryan Weaver and Brianne Nadeau. They're at risk of creating yet another split election amongst the city's "progressive" voters, in part because of their similar platform (education; not being Jim Graham).

No one knows vote-splitting better than one-time Councilmember Sekou Biddle, who sliced and diced himself out of two At-Large elections, including one when he ran against Weaver. But now, in a bit of dramatic irony, Biddle has himself become split between Weaver and Nadeau.

In July, Biddle gave $500 to Weaver's campaign. Last Wednesday, though, Biddle diversified his contributions and gave $250 to Nadeau.

Apparently, though, Weaver's relationship with Biddle has improved since Biddle tried to kick him off the 2011 ballot. On Thursday, Biddle asked Nadeau's campaign to return his contribution.

Nadeau referred LL's questions about the contribution to Biddle. In turn, Biddle declined to speak on the record to LL about what made him finally make up his mind and back Weaver. No official word yet on whether Biddle will also be giving to Graham's new exploratory committee, though LL supposes it's unlikely.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Sally


  • Brahmin

    I don't think you understand campaigns. For you to be a vote splitter--that means you have a clearly define demographic that would automatically trend your way. And then someone who also appeals to that identified demographic jumps in the race.

    That is not the case.

    Being the second opposition to the frontrunner doesn't automatically mean you are going to split the opposition. Someone could take off..and somoene could languish.

    The fact that ALL of these candidates including Jim Graham are all progressives show how difficult it is to categorize this race.

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  • RealDC

    @brahmin- LOL! Say what?

    Lets see, a 2-3 time loser gives money to a 2-3 time loser and then gives money to his opponent...then gets cursed out by the 2-3 time loser, now the first 2-3 time loser wants his money back from the opponent..... this is why Graham is not afraid of any of these losers..... smh...... the "progressives" always find a way to screw the pooch! For real!

  • cutthecrap

    @RealDC...LMAO, love your reply. Can I get permission to use it in the future?...LOL!

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