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Jim Graham Launches an Exploratory Committee

Jim Graham has represented Ward 1 on the D.C. Council since 1999. By now, you'd expect him to know who his constituencies are and aren't. Apparently, though, Graham needs more information. Graham tells LL he'll file papers today to launch an exploratory committee to consider a re-election campaign.

"I just want to talk to people," Graham says. "I want to consider issues."

If he does run, Graham will be the fourth candidate in a crowded race that already features three others candidates. Graham also doesn't have much time to make up his mind, with petitions to be on the primary ballot available on Nov. 8.

Graham isn't new to re-election exploratory committees. He had one in 2002, when looser disclosure laws spawned a golden age of exploratory committees. The lax requirements allowed Graham to conceal his committee's donors—until a now-shuttered community newspaper hassled him into publishing their names.

Exploratory committees are less popular now that the laws have changed. So far, Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau, mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells, and Ward 6 candidate Darrel Thompson has registered one for 2014. Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal also has plans to register an exploratory committee for a mayoral run.

UPDATE, 11 a.m.: Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau has already put out a statement on Graham's exploratory committee. "After four terms and 15 years as a council member, what does Graham have left to explore?" she writes.

Nadeau's full statement:

After four terms and 15 years as a council member, what does Graham have left to explore? I’m meeting with hundreds of voters every week who are ready and asking for a change. Ward 1 deserves a leader who is honest, hard-working and willing to tackle our long-term problems through creativity and collaboration.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Marvin E. Adams

    I am officially authorizing my "handlers" to expsdite an exploratory committee to see WHY D.C. voters can't and/or won't elect competent individuals, who are not self-serving; corrupt nor tolerate among them those that ARE!
    I.m just saying...

  • Better call Saul

    Bet here is this is another Graham/Thies scheme to raise money to funnel to legal defense etc.

    I had an "eureka" moment a week or so ago wherein it became crystal clear that Graham must have struck some kind of deal with Manchen et cie. There is just too much crud attached to the sleazeball now to make it credible that Manchen, after nailing the two hapless idiots, could give Graham a free pass.
    From Teddy Loza and the paper bags stuffed with cash and the forced kmabortion, the Metto deal, the inexplicable sudden firing of Graham toady, Chuck Thies, from DC Politics Hour, to the most recent revelation of Graham demanding 50K (and I guess getting it) from the convicted boxing promoter there is just too much for the U.S. Attorney to ignore. So my bet is that in exchange for their "cooperation" and Jimbo's promising not to run again (a la Marion) Team Graham will get to make a break for the border.

    Word is Graham has already contributed to offshore economies (let us not forget the Whitman Walker loot, he is after all working on his second fortune).
    Graham just needs some ready cash for last minute payoffs and travel ecpenses in case they seize the contents of his apartment therapy.

  • Lois

    His career has been reduced to making appearances at the unveiling of bar signs to make fictitious remarks about a woman who loathed him (Elizabeth Taylor) and he needs to explore how people feel?

    That's the same vein of denial that tells him if he keeps drinking there will be some end other than jails, institutions, or death.

  • Ward-8

    Said the veteran Councilman, I will establish an exploratory re-election committee. Translation, my ass and future perks and large salary for little or no work is over!

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