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Evans Leads in Mayoral Fundraising, Lags in Cash on Hand

Yesterday's campaign disclosure forms, which cover Aug. 1 to Oct. 10, reveal one big thing about the mayor's race: Business favorite Jack Evans is raising more than anyone else, but he's also spending it faster than his opponents.

Jack Evans

Raised: $391,935.49. Spent: $198,769.44. Cash on hand: $497,606.89

Evans' donors include outgoing Politico CEO Fred Ryan ($1,000), Yes! Organic Market ($2,000), developer and ex-Councilmember H.R. Crawford ($300), chic Mark Barnes-owned downtown nightclub Park at 14th ($2,000), political strategist Mark Penn ($2,000), and a bundled $5,000 from people associated with Bernstein Management Corporation. Evans must be a great coworker—his fellow Patton Boggs employees kicked in $9,750 in donations.

Evans' fundraising advantage would be more impressive if he wasn't also racking up big-time expenses. Evans paid $20,597.32 in rental and utilities payments on his 14th Street office, and $3,500 for the services of campaign field organizer Scott Bishop.

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $228,256. Spent: $52,631.28. Cash on hand: $597,684.36.

Despite max donations from several developers, Bowser lagged behind Evans in fundraising. Still, her campaign's comparatively thriftier ways meant that she emerged from the cycle with a $100,000 advantage over her Ward 2 rival. Among Bowser's donors: developer Chris Donatelli ($2,000), former Washington Pigskins defensive back Darryl Pounds ($2,000), California venture capitalist/TED talker Gary Lauder ($2,000), and Mad Momos owner Wanchuck Topden ($2,000).

Tommy Wells

Raised: $103,406.93. Spent: $107,160.86. Cash on hand: $137,315.

Wells, who eschews corporate contributions, came in third in fundraising, only a little more than $10,000 above Reta Lewis. Donors to Wells included Top Chefster Spike Mendelsohn, who owns restaurants in Ward 6 ($1,500), Ben's Chili Bowl co-owner Nizam Ben Ali  ($100), nightclub impresario Joe Englert ($500), and Capitol Skyline owner Mera Rubell ($2,000). 2008 at-large candidate and Vince Gray BFF Adam Clampitt gave Wells $500.

Wells' campaign paid pollster Celinda Lake ($15,508 this reporting period) and fundraiser Nina Liggett ($7,540.26). Some of Wells' expenses were less helpful to the campaign—Wells refunded donations from people associated with Options Public Charter School, costing him $2,620.

Reta Lewis

Raised: $92,554.01. Spent: $76,474.07. Cash on hand: $78,818.81.

Clintonite-turned-mayoral hopeful Lewis raised $92,554.01, including $500 from former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young and $500 from Democratic Leadership Council founder Al From.

Christian Carter

Raised: $1,879.09. Spent: $2,189.59. Cash on hand: -$305.98.

The hapless campaign of city contractor Christian Carter soldiers on.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • chris hauser

    may the best person win.

  • tntdc

    Evans spent about $100 per vote in his re-elction even though he had minimum opponents and still managed to almost lose. In his last mayor's race ditto; tons of money spent and just over 1% of the vote.

    Evans is a campaign industry in DC. I suspect he's this year's Suliman Brown for Gray.

  • Educated Guess

    If Vince Gray runs for re-election, black cloud or not, he get's cleared... He's going to have a ton of support East of the River and in pockets across the city.

    He's going to be tough to beat.

    Interesting to see how these candidates will perform toe to toe in an intellectual debate...Evans and Gray are both extremely sharp

    Evans will definitely get his votes...My guess is that if Gray runs, he wins....

  • anonymous

    "Evans must be a great coworker—his fellow Patton Boggs employees kicked in $9,750 in donations."

    Very funny, LL. Seriously. And it looks like he'd be equally beloved at WilmerHale--employees there kicked in nearly $13,000 this quarter--if he gets tired of PattonBoggs after he loses the mayor's race.

  • gustavo

    As the developers' darling, it's no wonder that Evans is leading in fundraising. From the perspective of voters, residents, and small business owners, it's admirable that Wells is taking a different approach and not taking corporate donations.

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  • The Decider

    I'm really surprised the usual suspect donors aren't hedging bets by donating small amounts to all "viable" candidates. Yes! Organic giving to Evans is definitely surprising since Bowser was a lifeline for Ga Ave location. Are the donors that scared of Evans' strong arm tactics and grudges?

  • stick2yourguns

    bowser is not qualified to be on the council let alone be the mayor. she has taken ward 4 from a 10 to about a 4-6 because of her lack of knowledge. she has the largest turn-over in staffers because they get tired of doing her job for her. she even told someone that she cannot relate to low poverty residents so she needs others to get them to vote for her. she even one told residents in ward 4 who are renters that they needed to stop complaining about their rent if it was to high and just go buy a house.

  • dcmetro commuter

    I'm not surprised in the least. As a comissioner, Bowser's reaction to a request from her ANC colleagues that residents of an apartment building be solicited for concerns about the impact of an encroaching development: "WELL THEY CAN MOVE!!"

  • AS Jones

    I think we should go with the resolution proposed by David Grasso. I think that Mayor Gray has been a capable and progressive mayor for DC. We need to make it easier for him (if he chooses to run again) and our citizens to run for mayor. This will help make things transparent too.