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Ex-Wells Chief of Staff Charles Allen Makes Ward 6 Run Official

CWA-HEAD (1)The least believable acting job in D.C. politics comes to an end today.

Ex-Tommy Wells chief of staff Charles Allen, who insisted previously that he wasn't thinking about running for his old boss' seat, announced this afternoon that he's going to do exactly that.

Allen has looked like someone thinking about a campaign for a long time. Hints included his Facebook ads and suspiciously active blog about Ward 6. Most tellingly, he bristled whenever LL asked if he was running. (The Hatch Act prevented Allen from discussing a run before he quit Wells' office last week).

"It's nice to be able to make it official," he says.

Since Wells is running for mayor, he can't hold on to the Ward 6 seat. Allen declined LL's suggestion that he's Wells' heir apparent, but echoed his old boss' opinions on issues like moving the attorney general election to 2018 (against) and the Large Retailer Accountability Act (also against). Allen says he wants to focus on education and the need for more affordable housing in the ward.

Allen's entry brings the number of candidates in the Ward 6 Democratic primary to two. He's joining former Harry Reid staffer Darrel Thompson, who launched his own campaign Sunday with a not-so-subtle emphasis on the importance of electing a councilmember who comes from outside of the Wilson Building.

Allen plans to start his campaign officially next week with a series of events in Ward 6 homes, which he's calling his "Living Room Launch."

Photo courtesy Charles Allen

  • Nikita

    Another Wilson Building Insider running for a cushy, six-figure job.

    It's like a movie sequel: "Tommy Wells II."

    Let's a have some new blood.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    This man made sure Blacks in Shaw did not serve on the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force and ANC Boundaries Task Force.

  • JimAbely

    I support Darrel Thompson. As a supporter of Thompson, I distance myself from the comments of Leroy Thorpe. Leroy's reputation for inflammatory remarks is well-known. He has no connection whatsoever with those of us who support Thompson.

    Go away, leroy.

  • My candidate is better than yours

    David Garber this is your call to duty!!!!

    Do we have to draft you to get in this race!

    Get in there bro!

  • Lester

    No more Ward 6 Monarchies! We need new blood. Anyone but Allen!

  • Sour Grapes

    Sooner or later LT's sour grapes and bull_hit routine will get old and we can all move on. What LT is actually saying is his buddies were not picked for the redistricting task force and he is now angry because he will never, ever hold the title of ANC Commissioner again. Here is hoping all politicos will realize that he has now power base, his neighbors all think he is crazy and his "endorsement" matters as much as winning the GOP nomination for office in DC.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Does he drink as much as his former boss?

  • Really?

    Charles Allen? No surprise, but many many AA have had issues with Good ole Charlie. If you don't believe ask those black "H" street business how they were treated.

  • LeVent Stools

    We do need some new blood in Ward 6 and not this Allen guy

  • Lois Wilson

    What connection does Charles Allen have to black AA? It is Wells who is the third stage alcoholic.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    "Since Wells is running for mayor, he can't hold on to his Ward 6 seat."

    Please 'splain to me, why this is not applicable to Bowser and Evans?

  • Will Sommer


    It's because Wells' Council seat is up in 2014. Evans and Bowser were re-elected in 2012, so they don't have to run for the Council again until 2016.

  • SEis4ME

    Yep, what Will said. It's standard politics. John Kerry nor Hillary had to relinquish their Senate seats in order to run for Pres...same thing here.

    Either way, if Allen supports the same level of anti-ism and divisiveness of his former boss, he doesn't deserve a seat on the council any more than Wells deserves to be Mayor. Totally uninspiring...Totally.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    jim Abley

    Don't worry I am not supporting Darrel Thompson - he doe's not represent my issues and you don't either.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Sour Gapes

    Understand my point - Charles Allen made sure NO Blacks from Shaw served on the Ward 6 Redistricting/ANC Task Force - No Blacks.

  • Sour Grapes

    Come on now Leroy we both know that is simply not true a simple google search of the people making up the commission makes your entire argument nothing more than your normal "huff and puff" routine. I did not need to go beyond the 3rd person listed publicly to see that!

    In addition it looks like every area of the ward was covered with public meetings and Q&A sessions with Tommy present at some of these meetings to answer questions. It is okay to embrace the simple fact that you are angry with how your buddy Jack drew the lines to leave out one very important community from the old ANC2C02 boundaries.

    In addition to the major crux of your argument being false I would like to remind you that the Chairman of the TF took it upon himself to offer to the community to submit their own proposals. Users could use an interactive map to even demonstrate the way they would redistrict (so try again as I am not one of your true believers who would not dare question you). So much so another ANC favorite of mine (and your archenemy) submitted possibly one of the most self-serving proposals of the bunch - they are all available right here (still) - http://w6tf.blogspot.com.

  • Blevins

    @SourGrapes, thank you. Leroy is all sizzle, no steak. Charles Allen will make an excellent councilman, at least this ward 6 voter thinks so. Silly comments from out of ward voters or proven imbeciles are summarily ignored.

  • Mary

    Sour Grapes must be the one and only community nut Martin M. of Shaw who came in next to last in the last Shaw ANC race out of four candidates running for the 6E-02 seat.

    Mr.Thorpe is correct. There were no black people asked by Tommy Wells nor Charles Allen to serve on the past Ward 6 redistricting task force even Martin M. who is Black was not asked. I am sick of black people attacking their own people at he expense to be validated by whites who want to control black politics and black communities.

    None of these politicians keep their word once they are elected and get into office.

    Blevins you aught to be called Oblivion - Thorpe lives in Ward 6 and I do too since redistricting.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.


    I agree with you that Sour Grapes is no other than the bike ridding blogger and Ivy graduate MM o f Shaw who can't hold a job, whom I kicked his A-- in the last ANC race despite his alleged website design using my name. MM has no community base after I bared him from the Shaw East Central Civic Association and he started failed neighborhood association.

    MM get a life other than using alias on every blog and website in the city. I am sure your only companion - your cat wishes you would go back to California.

    You have aliened many folks in Shaw and in government with your evil slanderous behavior and the only companion that will tolerate you is your computer.

  • James

    I agree with you Mary I have had problems with Martin M. of Shaw placing negative material in neighbors mail boxes regarding his smear tactics. I believe Tommy Wells and Charles Allen realizes he has a mental illness and want to stay far apart from him. Our neighbors thinks he is crazy and that smear tactic blog he uses has lost a lot of support in Shaw.

    You are also right about politicians serving themselves rather than the voters that have elected them to serve.

  • Liz in Ward 6

    I am very much concerned about public safety in Ward 6, which is why I will support Charles Allen. I'm sorry that some people think there is a racial component to policing crime--I believe it is more poverty-related. However, I don't care who the perp is, perps should not be tolerated by the community, black or white. Let's stand together and elect somebody who is tough on crime.

  • Really?

    @Liz...it's cool if your a one issue voter, but please don't confuse ole charlie boy's racial issues with just being about crime. The problems are go much wider and deeper. The concern is legit. Folks (community members and business) had problems dealing with this man when he was Wells right hand man. It would only get worse if he won.

  • http://www.vote4tillman2014.org Dr. Shelonda P. Tillman

    Hello my name is Dr. Shelonda Tillman. I have been a Ward 6 resident for 37 years. I am running for Ward 6 Concilwoman and I wanted to share my background and political platform with each of you. I am not interested in the business as usual political genre that has plagued our City and ward for years. It is time to climb a STEEP mountain and focus on issues such as Seniors, Transportation, Education, Ethics, People, and Pets in our community. In the near future, I would love to speak with each of you and the residents of our wards in reference to issues that many of our residents have and how we can better manage Ward 6. I do not consider myself a politician by any means. My family migrated to this ward in 1954 and my legacy has called me to become a resource allocator that creates a framework of goals centered around my neighbors ideas, dreams, and vision to make Ward 6 the beacon of our City.

    Please log on to my website to learn more about me: http://www.vote4tillman2014.org

    I am also on FB at Candidate S.P.Tillman as well as Twitter @Dr.S.P. Tillman.

    I am hosting several family friendly meet and greets throughout the Ward and I encourage parents to bring their children. I look forward to meeting you all!!!