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Ward 6 Race Gets A Candidate Or Two

Darrel Thompson

The race to replace mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells in the D.C. Council's Ward 6 seat is about to get started.

Yesterday, Charles Allen announced that he's leaving his job as Wells' chief of staff. Allen, who's expected to declare for his old boss' seat, does candidate-like things like buying Facebook ads with his face on them. In an email, Allen writes that he's leaving his Wilson Building perch at the end of the week for "new opportunities to serve Ward 6 and the District."

Allen isn't the only potential candidate leaving his job. Darrel Thompson says in a press release that he's leaving his job as a staffer for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to run for the Council seat. On Tuesday, Thompson turned his exploratory committee into a campaign committee.

Is Allen going to make things official himself? "I might be able to talk about that next week," Allen writes in an email to LL.

Hint, hint.

Photo courtesy Darrel Thompson

  • Deaniac

    Well, I know Charles Allen is not a pathetic stumble drunk and has a brain in which most of the cells haven't been killed so that is an immediate improvement.

    Whatever work that has come out of that office Allen has most likely done anyhow while the ol' tosspot has been across the street "making fundraising call". Translation; conning somebody to pick up the tab.

  • HillResident

    As a long-time Ward 6 resident, I'm glad that there is a new face running for Ward 6.

    Charles Allen, whom I don't know, is leaving his Council job to run for Ward 6? Well, he should keep his day job.

    Tommy Wells cannot just hand over his seat to his staffer. Voters have independent minds. I'll keep my eye on the new guy.

    We need new blood.

  • chris hauser

    does the bag tax apply to bags o' medical weed?

  • Jimof Ward6

    I'm taking bets: Darrel Thompson will win the ward 6 race.

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  • #navyyard

    Just wait until David Garber gets into the race. His love of bike racks and dog parks will prove irresistable to all Ward 6 voters.

  • Steve

    Not a big fan of Councilmember Wells. But Charles has always been available when I sent him an email. And he comes to community events. Will support him for now (To be honest, I have no idea about his competitors).

  • Jimbo

    Charles Allen equals warmed over Tosspot Wells. New blood is necessary. Charles Allen and Tosspot are the problem in Ward 6.

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  • http://www.vote4tillman2014.org Dr. Shelonda P. Tillman

    Hello my name is Dr. Shelonda Tillman. I have been a Ward 6 resident for 37 years. I am running for Ward 6 Concilwoman and I wanted to share my background and political platform with each of you. I am not interested in the business as usual political genre that has plagued our City and ward for years. It is time to climb a STEEP mountain and focus on issues such as Seniors, Transportation, Education, Ethics, People, and Pets in our community. In the near future, I would love to speak with each of you and the residents of our wards in reference to issues that many of our residents have and how we can better manage Ward 6. I do not consider myself a politician by any means. My family migrated to this ward in 1954 and my legacy has called me to become a resource allocator that creates a framework of goals centered around my neighbors ideas, dreams, and vision to make Ward 6 the beacon of our City.

    Please log on to my website to learn more about me: http://www.vote4tillman2014.org

    I am also on FB at Candidate S.P.Tillman as well as Twitter @Dr.S.P. Tillman.

    I am hosting several family friendly meet and greets throughout the Ward and I encourage parents to bring their children. I look forward to meeting you all!!!

  • Elaine Myers

    My money is on Darrel Thompson. He's experienced, savvy and has great Hill contacts to help with Statehood.