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Morning Links

House Democrats flip-flop on D.C. shutdown. [Post]

Charter school where officials allegedly siphoned funds lacked supplies for students. [Post]

D.C. Council committee approves David Catania's bill on social promotion in schools. [Post]

Police open new "tactical village" training facility. [NBC 4Post]

CFO Natwar Gandhi upgrades city's revenue prediction. [Post]

House of Cards will get its motorcade after all. [Washingtonian]

Outgoing D.C. Chamber of Commerce head Barbara Lang says living wage bill protesters made her feel "physically unsafe." [Chamber of Commerce]

The U Street liquor license moratorium flops. [WBJWashingtonian]

Government workers on furlough cause changes in D.C.'s unemployment system. [WTOP]

Shutdown means shorter Metro trains. [Washingtonian]

Is a mountain lion on the loose? It depends who you ask. [Post]

  • RealDC

    After reading Barbara Lang's letter about the Living Wage vote all I can say is good-bye and good riddance!

    For her to take swings at the residents of DC is appalling and tell us the Living Wage bill was bad is wrong.

    The chamber is a mess!! Why would any business join that dysfunctional group. Social and galas are all they do. Eat, drink and party to a better business environment should be their motto. I am sure they will "suck up" to Walmart for donations and sponsorships"...the Wing and Martini Bar at the Gala will be sponsored by Walmart and Pepco".... wasting time and money but come get your "party on" so you won't notice how bad the environment for businesses is REALLY in DC!!


  • Typical DC BS

    @RealDC: Sorry, liberals shouldn't be allowed to tell private businesses what to pay their employees. But keep trying to bring that bit of communism back into vogue.

  • RealDC

    @typdcbs- Get real fool....come with something better than the "liberal, communism" stale as argument.

    I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for Walmart and the crap they peddle.

    The feeling that DC has to have 5 Walmarts is ABSURD!!

    Anyway, my point is that the chamber is irrelevant and Lang leaving is a GOOD THING!!