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Office of Campaign Finance Ends Investigations Into Mara, Evans

Sometimes, investigations into District politicians don't turn much up. Two cases in point: frequent Republican candidate Pat Mara and councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans, who were both cleared by the Office of Campaign Finance at today's monthly Board of Elections meeting.

OCF's Mara investigation, launched last April, looked into whether he violated campaign finance law by helping a conservative group raise money from his 2008 at-large campaign donors. OCF dropped the Mara investigation in September for "insufficient evidence,"  OCF general counsel William SanFord told the Board of Elections.

While the Mara investigation was dropped, the investigation—or, as Evans insists to LL, the "inquiry"— into whether Evans' constituent service fund had received illicit donations from subsidiary companies resolved itself when the fund paid back a few hundred dollars in donations.

Evans still isn't sure why what he describes as a routine overpayment turned into an investigation. "What surprised me is that it got to the level that it did when it really was a relatively minor matter," Evans says.

It's worth noting that this is all separate from the reported Board of Ethics and Government Accountability investigation into Evans over a Foggy Bottom alley closing. The status of that alleged investigation is unclear, since the board doesn't comment on the existence of pending investigations.

While OCF has ended two of its investigations, it's also started a new one. Longshot mayoral candidate Frank Sewell is being investigated for his prolific flyering, which, as LL noted at the time, occurred before he officially registered as a candidate.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC

    This has all the earmarks of a Thies production. Some day folks will wise up.
    Hurruy up and meet Nanny Graham at the unveiling of the Liz Taylor (who loathed Graham, suggesting he made her skin crawl) mural at some bar. Graham'$ whole corrupt tenure at Whitman Walker has been reduced to made up remembrances at bars.

    Elizabeth Taylor left 500 million to AIDS charities but not a dime to the WWC where the main clinic bears her name. Clearly her memories of Graham were not fond ones.

  • drez

    So, Evans payed back the illegal money and OCF in turn dropped the investigation?
    Nice. I wish the IRS, or OTR, or MPD, or the FBI worked like that.

  • Really?

    Rules for ya'll and rules for us...in FULL EFFECT

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