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D.C. Government Declares All Workers Essential, Would Stay Open in Shutdown

A little more than 24 hours since the idea was proposed in yesterday's mayoral breakfast meeting, it's official. Mayor Vince Gray has told the federal government he plans to keep the D.C. government open if the feds shut down.
Gray's decision hinges on his ability to keep essential functions running, despite the shutdown. Instead of just operating [...]

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City considers breaking the law to keep the District government running open during a government shutdown. [LL, WAMU, Post]
Post ed board says they shouldn't do it. [Post]
D.C. proposes big changes to the Height Act. [Housing Complex]
David Catania accuses school officials of "misleading" public over scores. [Post]
Lawyer representing man at the center of the Post's tax lien investigation files a class-action [...]

The Watchdog Turf War Is Back On

Will D.C.'s ethics watchdogs ever get along? Earlier this month, LL declared an end to the feud between the Office of the Inspector General and the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability. Judging by a new letter from Inspector General Charles Willoughby, though, the short-lived truce is already off.
Oversight fans will remember that OIG and BEGA [...]

D.C. Under Government Shutdown Would Have No Libraries, Be Filled With Trash

Mayor Vince Gray is set to spend this afternoon considering whether to break federal law by keeping the entire city government operating in the event of a shutdown of the federal government. In the meantime, here's how the city would fare if it did go along with the feds on Oct. 1, according to a [...]

D.C. Could Break the Law, Defy Congress Over Government Shutdown

Mayor Vince Gray and members of the D.C. Council were supposed to talk this morning about preparations for a partial shutdown of the city government in the event of a federal government shutdown. Instead, they left breakfast considering a plan that would keep the city government open and break federal law.
During a presentation from City Administrator [...]

Morning Links

Post ed board criticizes councilmembers Vincent Orange and Jim Graham again over opposition to Marion Barry's censure. [Post]
Petula Dvorak wishes Large Retailer Accountability Act backers talked more to the unemployed. [Post]
The visitor parking pass lives on. [Post]
Along with common sense, new tattoo regs could also violate federal law. [WAMU]
Traffic officers issue 780,00 tickets in four years. [Post]
Metro change would cut bus line's [...]

At-Large Hopeful Robert White Launches His Campaign

LL came away from new At-Large D.C. Council candidate Robert White's campaign launch Saturday with two things on his mind. The first is that, by the time the campaign season is done, LL is going to know every word of Ryan Lewis and Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us." The second is that White, a former aide to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, has built [...]

Norton Opponent Lino Stracuzzi Courts Voters’ Sweet Tooths

The District's mayoral hopefuls were out in force at Saturday's Ward 8 Democrats meeting, with Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, and Tommy Wells each making an appearance. Even Reta Lewis was there—her campaign has apparently invested in some Lewis-branded water bottles since LL last checked in.
While the aspiring mayors hustled for votes, only one candidate had people lining up to see him. [...]

Morning Links

New scoring method made students' math numbers look better than they were. [Post]
Fire stations were understaffed during the Navy Yard shooting. [NBC 4]
How should D.C. record its murder rate after the shooting? [Post]
Colby King calls Marion Barry's defenders—Jim Graham, Jack Evans, and Vincent Orange—"a motley crew of ethicists." [Post]
New DDOT regulations would make it harder to place a newspaper box. [...]

What Did Keely Thompson Allegedly Spend a Mystery $50,000 On?

There wasn't much disgraced boxing coach Keely Thompson wouldn't illicitly spend grant money on, according to the sentencing memorandum filed today in U.S. District Court. Prosecutors describe Thompson, who ran a gym for at-risk youths until he was charged in 2010 with wire fraud, as gambling four or five days a week and frequently losing a thousand dollars [...]