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Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray set to announce CFO Natwar Gandhi's replacement today. [NBC 4]

The Post says Phoenix CFO Jeffrey DeWitt will be named D.C.'s next chief financial officer. [Post]

Gray has a plan to avoid a shutdown of the D.C. government. [LL, TimesPost]

D.C. can't find apartments for homeless families. [Housing Complex]

Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe won't be charged for allegedly grabbing an employee's phone. [Post]

Post ed board says David Catania is grandstanding over test scores. [Post]

Health exchange flubs its rollout. [Post]

Credit card machineless cabbies protest in front of the Wilson Building. [WAMU]

D.C. doesn't have enough primary care doctors. [Post]

District traffic deaths have doubled in a year. [Post]

  • Asuka

    "One driver, Dagne Desta, says he was set to have his credit card reader installed last week. But he says the company he arranged to set it up, Gleikie, canceled his appointment and sent him new terms asking for more money. 'So my option is just sit home. I don't have any work after October 1.'"

    Oh well - that's what happens when you ignore TWO deadlines. The cabbies who STILL don't have credit card meters shouldn't just have to sit out until they do, they should have their licenses revoked for life. There are way to many taxis in DC as it is (6000 - more per capita than any other city in the country), so anyone who intentionally ignored the deadlines (and that means everyone who won't be ready by October 1, because there is nothing that excuses not having a reader when you had a YEAR to get one) almost certainly represents the absolute worst of the scammers, the same ones who regularly took tourists on 20mph long-way-around detours or refused to pick up fairs because of destination or skin color. Time to rid the system of this filth once and for all. Next up, mandatory hybrid or PIEV cabs - no more 25-year-old police surplus Caprice deathtraps. If you can't hack it, get out of the business. Welcome to the First World.

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