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Norton Opponent Lino Stracuzzi Courts Voters’ Sweet Tooths

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The District's mayoral hopefuls were out in force at Saturday's Ward 8 Democrats meeting, with Jack EvansMuriel Bowser, and Tommy Wells each making an appearance. Even Reta Lewis was there—her campaign has apparently invested in some Lewis-branded water bottles since LL last checked in.

While the aspiring mayors hustled for votes, only one candidate had people lining up to see him. That'd be Lino Stracuzzi, the Statehood Green candidate who's running to replace Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Stracuzzi, going up against an entrenched Democratic incumbent, has apparently decided the best way to win votes is to give away ice cream.

Stracuzzi, who received about 5 percent of the vote to Norton's 89 percent in 2012, is hoping the free ice cream will convince voters to back him over Norton. He's got the gimmick down—-he managed to give away scoops while simultaneously explaining his policy proposals to LL, which range from restructuring the Federal Emergency Management Agency to a fervently expressed desire to tax Super Bowl ads.

The ice cream freezer mounted on his bike also works as a mobile fundraiser for Stracuzzi. When he's not giving it away for free, Stracuzzi has been using ice cream sales to supplement his meager campaign treasury.

"I've been campaigning, selling ice cream on the bike," says Stracuzzi. "Doing whatever I can."

Photo by Will Sommer

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  • Jim Ed

    My apologies because I can't keep my fringe candidates in order, but does Lino Stracuzzi = Natale Stracuzzi?

  • NE John

    It will be nice when all these "office-holders for life" pass on and we get some variety in our politics.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/stracuzziforcongress/ Natale Lino Stracuzzi

    Sorry that was a misquote. I started DC Gelato to supplement my income. This year tax season came. I saw no increase in my income. That income is the cushion needed to help me throughout the year. I am an independent sales rep in the furniture industry. I make 5 cents on every dollar on the merchandise that is purchase through my company, ESF Furniture. Through my accounts in the DC Metro area. DC Gelato is a part time business I started to sell ice cream and water in the evenings, I sell ice cream and water, in Ward 8, 7 and 6. Also work at the Nationals home games. This is not a way for Stracuzzi for Congress to raise funds. If people would like to donate to my campaign that is fine. But again I don't earn money from DC Gelato to fund for my campaign.Which is available for hire at private events. I spoke to Jack Evans and Muriel Bowser, If they would like to hire my services at their events. DC Gelato is a private business I own in the District of Columbia. This is a idea to promote my campaign at a low cost of $18.95, my labor is free at the event. To talk to the public and also serve them a scoop of ice cream, as I speak to them about my issues, and how I like to change the government, so it works for the residents of the District of Columbia, and United States of America. I do have to say it was in original idea and people do come and listen. I just pray they remember when it comes election time. I like to thank Will Sommer and the City Paper for the first article on my campaign. Thank You Lino Stracuzzi

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/stracuzziforcongress/ Natale Lino Stracuzzi

    Yes Lino Stracuzzi is

  • http://gleeaikin.blogspot.com G. Lee Aikin

    Yes, Natalia (Lino) Stracuzzi is the candidate who ran in Nov. 2012 against EHN for DC Congressional Delegate. He is an active member of the DC Statehood Green Party (DCSGP) which is working hard to get us true Statehood--so we won't be shut down from using our OWN TAX DOLLARS every time Congress gets in a snit over the budget or Obamacare.

    In 2012 DCSGP ran 4 local candidates. In addition to Lino,
    Ann Wilcox (At Large Council) received 22,243 votes,
    David Schwartzman (Shadow Senator) gained 26,614 votes,
    G. Lee Aikin (Shadow Rep. to Congress) won 31,190 votes.
    Some of these people will probably run again in 2014.

    If you are tired of corruption and big business back room deals and giveaways, please consider contacting the Board of Elections and Ethics and joining the DCSGP, we are untainted by the recent scandals.

  • http://www.FreeDC.org Anise

    Mr. Stracuzzi demonstrates the persistence and creativity that so-called 3rd parties have to show in DC to be noticed. He also created a fantastic 51 star flag in support of DC Statehood that he carried in the DC Emancipation Day parade. Kudos!

    Anise Jenkins
    Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC)

  • RealDC

    It is time for a change.

    We can give her nice dinner, get her a gold watch, a bottle of scotch and good KICK in the AZZ.....Norton needs to GO!! Her last 10 years has been nothing short of bullshit, for real.

    She does nothing!!