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At-Large Hopeful Robert White Launches His Campaign

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LL came away from new At-Large D.C. Council candidate Robert White's campaign launch Saturday with two things on his mind. The first is that, by the time the campaign season is done, LL is going to know every word of Ryan Lewis and Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us." The second is that White, a former aide to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, has built up a decent campaign war chest.

White's rally in front of a Brightwood barber shop included a DJ, sound system, and copious signs. At one point, White's father told the crowd the T-shirts stacked on tables cost money, only to be corrected by his son—the T-shirts were free.

A campaign worker pulled LL aside and told him that there were 102 people there (very specific!); LL pegged it at about half that. Either way, they were turned out for what White called the start of a fight "to secure the future of the District of Columbia." Among the people who should be interested in that fight, according to White: people who can't afford to live in the District, senior citizens trying to hang on to their homes, and young parents scared to send their children to public schools.

"This is not politics," White said, surrounded by evidence to the contrary. "This is personal."

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Ward One Resident

    If only you would do your homework.

    First of all, signs, t-shirts, etc. don't reflect campaign war chest. White could have very easily paid for all of that himself (we'll know more on Oct. 10).

    The more interesting prospects of the potential size of White's war chest come from who is campaign chairman is: http://www.jstreetcompanies.com/brucebaschukdev A developer as a campaign chair. Well at least we know White's not going for the good-government vote!

  • Ward 4 Gentleman

    I'm not voting for this guy. Anyone that has worked for Eleanor Holmes-Norton will not get my vote. I can't stand that old hag.

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  • Ward 8 True Gentleman

    A gentleman wouldn't call a person who has fought for the rights of others most of her life and who gave up 5 times her current income to fight for DC residents, an old hag. I am sure your mother would disapprove of your comments as any civil person should.

  • Old F*g

    Ward 8 t True Gent,
    Have another tumbler of Kool-Ade you seem to enjoy it. If this guy is ten times more effective than that tiresome old broad has been at "protecting other peoples.rights" we would still be better off bringing Kwame back.
    Holmes Norton haz been a sad joke for a long time. I defy you to name a place where this nasty egomaniac could find a real job much less one that pays 5 times shat she is filching from us now.

  • Ward 7 Resident

    @ Ward One Resident: Thanks for this heads-up. Found that his campaign chair is not only a developer, but also Mr. Baschuk is a resident of Chevy Chase, Md. Mr. White couldn't find a DC resident to chair his campaign for a DC elected office? Seriously? Good luck kid.... don't come this way! Maybe reconsider, and run for office in MD!

  • http://facebook.com/thepilot John Nghiwete

    This guy will one day be your president!

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