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Morning Links

The 2014 at-large race gets a new candidate. [Post, LL]

Chamber of Commerce head Barbara Lang is stepping down. [WBJWashingtonian]

D.C. Council bill to divest D.C. government funds from fossil fuel companies has five backers. [WBJ]

New state superintendent of education Jesus Aguirre blames his charter school's failure in part on anti-immigrant feeling. [GGW]

With the Large Retailer Accountability Act dead, Walmart feels safe to hire. [Housing Complex, WAMU]

Jonetta Rose Barras: Tax lien fixes don't solve Office of Tax and Revenue problems. [Post]

D.C. issues permits to raze two schools. [WBJ]

  • RealDC

    Good-bye and good riddance to Lang!

    Maybe the DC Chamber can become relevant. It has lost its way a long time ago. All "show" and nothing of substance was ever accomplished under reign!

    DC ranks 51st out of every state in the country when it come to starting and growing a small business. Shameful. Lang and the chamber could have done much more. But she is a former IBM and Fannie Mae employee, two firms who have had their share of problems in a modern business environment.

    We need a 21st century business leader for the chamber, not another relic with more of a political agenda than a business agenda.

    Good-bye Ms. Lang, thanks for the great "socials" and little else.

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