Loose Lips

Morning Links

Natwar Gandhi's potential replacement as CFO is being vetted. [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray will reintroduce his campaign finance bill. [WAMU]

Post ed board calls Jack Evans "tone-deaf" for his opposition to censuring Marion Barry. [Post]

Gray says D.C. is "vulnerable" to other areas' gun laws. [WAMU]

How D.C. goes about locking down a neighborhood. [Housing Complex]

The would-be Family Research Council shooter is being sentenced today. [NBC 4]

Woman sexually assaulted in Shaw at her job. [Post]

The Silver Line will make Metro worse for a long time. [City Desk]

  • name

    Jack Evans isn't tone deaf, he's politically adept. Barry will support Evans with Ward 8 "voters" (Actually anyone black who wants $25 and a subway sandwich) in order to become the first white mayor of DC.

  • Ward4Forever

    Gray will introduce a campaign finance bill. That's a joke, right?

    That would be like Richard Nixon proposing an Ethics Code for Elected Officials.