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Naderites Pressure Tommy Wells on Living Wage

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Would-be mayor Tommy Wells can't catch a break on the living wage bill. Four other members of the D.C. Council voted with him against the Large Retailer Accountability Bill, but labor groups can't resist pressuring him specifically. Now, judging by the above poster LL spotted in Eastern Market over the weekend, activists affiliated with neighborhood gadfly Ralph Nader are joining the pile-on.

The poster, which describes Wells as "the ONE VOTE NEEDED" for Tuesday's veto override attempt, asks whether Wells will "back up his rhetoric with his vote." The URL listed—whosesideistommyon.org—redirects to the labor coalition Jobs With Justice's page about Wells.

But Jobs With Justice says they aren't behind the posters. Instead, the whosesideistommyon.org URL is registered to Essential Information, one of the myriad groups associated with Nader.

Pete Davis, an employee at Nader's Center for Study of Responsive Law, tells LL that the posters aren't sponsored by a Nader organization. Instead, he claims that they were put up by activists from several groups. "No official entity is putting them up," Davis says.

Wells, who has his own living wage bill, remains unswayed. But Tuesday's vote might not be the end of the Nader street campaign—the flyer promises an "updated swarm of posters!" in weeks to come.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Ward 6 Resident

    Of the four "no" votes, only two are running for mayor, and Tommy's opposition was more rooted in progressive arguments than Bowser's, so he makes more sense as a target. Also, Respect DC released a Hart Research poll today that showed 71% of DC residents support LRAA and over 60% say that voting for the bill would make them more likely to support a mayoral candidate. Hopefully Tommy's listening...

  • Ward 6 Resident

    Sorry, five no votes, not four, my bad.

  • Bar Tab

    Clevet of Phil to schedule the vote on Tuesday 1 of Tommy's good days.right after his weekendends ends on Monday and before the new weekend start at Wednesday happy hour

  • Dno

    The bill was a joke. A bad one. If one good thing came of it, it's that it might have had a role in rallying efforts around a more sensible, broad-based minimum wage bill, like the one Tommy Wells introduced. Maybe the far left in DC have learned too much from the far right obstructing everything in Congress in the name of their own ideology.

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  • Really?

    Reason 1001 that I will not be voting for Tommy "nobody puts baby in the corner" wells

  • Ward-8

    Dno, The bill was a joke, it appears the only people laughing are the folks beholding to their Sugar Daddy billionaires and those who don't have to worry about paying the bills. The Mayor and to date five councilman are bamboozle by a Company who spends more money for lobbyist than benefits to their employees whose five principal owners have a net worth in excess of 121 Billion Dollars with a total belief in exploitation of cheap foreign labor, products and slave labor wages for their US workers. Only ignorant folks would laugh about this fact however, after the Tuesday vote, their might be a few people who will need to forward their resume' to Wal-mart unless they listen to their constituents.

  • ralphisaconn.resident

    What neighborhood does multi-millionare ralph live in? Certainly not one in DC that we know of.
    Doesn't he maintain his residency in Conn?
    Isn't that where he votes and pays his taxes?

    Let ralph focus on events in his real neighborhood.

    Go home you jerk.

  • Andrea Rosen

    ralphisaconn.resident: Where do YOU live? Because as a native Washingtonian, I'm thrilled that Ralph Nader takes any interest in our backward little burg, regardless of where he lives. (I have no idea where he maintains a residence or residences, but Public Citizen has been here since I was a teen-ager, long before you were born.) I'm glad we have him to remind us of what progressive means, since our Council is filled to gagging with Democrats-in-Name-Only. DINO Tommy Wells within one week has said that he wouldn't vote for the LRAA because it's too narrow--exempting Walmart, he claimed, which isn't true--and today on the dias that he wouldn't vote to override because the bill affects only one company, Walmart. Does he drink heavily, or is he just daft?

  • Andrea Rosen

    It's sad that the Washington City Paper is now a corporate tool. Who else would coin a term like Naderite? How very Richard Nixon of you, Will Sommer!

  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry Andrea - we don't need Ralph Nader to tell us that progressive, when it comes to economic matters, means dumbshit. Maybe you should have taken some law and economics classes in your life, rather than listen to streetcorner shills and union idiots tell us that socialism and communism are viable economic systems.