Loose Lips

Morning Links

After Vince Gray vetoes the living wage bill, Phil Mendelson maneuvers to attempt override on Tuesday. [WAMU, LLPost]

Here's where Gray got the figure that the bill would kill 4,000 jobs. [Housing Complex]

Evidence that Jeff Thompson funded a shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton could, somehow, help Gray. [Post]

Investigation into Thompson focuses on role of Minyon Moore in Clinton campaign. [Post]

WSJ predicts big things from the Thompson scandal. [WSJ]

The Silver Line debuts on the Metro map. [WAMU]

Carjackers rear-end their victims, steal their cars. [City Desk]

Vandalized stop sign = mark of a neighborhood's hipster bona fides? [Post]

Post ed board asks Dan Snyder to ditch the Pigskins' other, racist name. [Post]

  • Asuka

    For once I actually like Dan Snyder. Why would he take brand management advice from a rag that did such a pathetic job of managing its own brand that it had whore itself out to become a billionaire's plaything (and really, it would have gone out of business long ago if it weren't for it's test prep subsidiary, Kaplan)? I'm glad Danny Boy told you whole mewling lot of myopic twits to go pound sand. Hail to the Redskins.

  • Typical DC BS

    I love you Asuka!