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Labor Group Pressures Tommy Wells for Override Vote


The Large Retailer Accountability Act looks headed for defeat at Tuesday's vote to override Mayor Vince Gray's veto. But one labor group thinks they've found their ninth vote in Ward 6 Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Tommy Wells.

Labor coalition Jobs With Justice is urging supporters to contact Wells, who they're describing as "the lone swing vote" on the Council (sorryDavid Catania).

The group chose to pressure Wells instead of the other four councilmembers who oppose the bill because of his support for a living wage. "It's just such cognitive dissonance for him to be against this bill," says Erica Smiley, Jobs With Justice's campaigns director. "It's just common sense that we would target him."

Unfortunately for Jobs With Justice, Wells isn't changing his mind. To test the campaign's efficacy, LL showed Wells the above graphic and asked him if he had been persuaded to change his vote. "Oh, no," Wells replied.

Instead, he's planning a press conference on Monday in support of his own living wage bill.

Photo via American Rights at Work

  • Jeff

    Wells' own "Living Wage" bill is a farce. But, putting that aside, who does he think will vote for it? He has never made a lot of friends on the Council and he is in the process of pissing off more colleagues. Bowser and Evans will have no interest in seeing Wells get credit for such legislation. They'd much rather see the LRAA wrapped around his neck like an anchor.

    Wells can vote to give a few employees a living wage. Then, he can introduce legislation helping additional workers get such a wage. Instead, he is going to ensure that no additional workers get a living wage and hold a press conference.

    Sadly, progressives in DC are still searching for a mayoral candidate. Wells clearly is not it.

  • Typical DC BS

    Let's hope progressives wake up and realize a "living wage" is a pipe dream. But that would be like asking them to realize that public sector unions need to be banned.

  • Bartenders for Just Us

    It has oft been observed that Tosspot Tommy will side with whoever is buying the next round.

  • Clint Don

    So here we have a labor union campaigning AGAINST the only liberal candidate in the race...because he won't support their PR messaging "Boo Wal-Mart" bill?

    Ask yourself: Why would Jobs for Justice support ONLY the Wal-Mart bill, but not an overall minimum wage hike?

    I'd be a lot more concerned about him if he did cave on this, to be honest.

  • Dno

    Wells' proposal is practical, broad-based, and well thought out. Why on earth would he support the LRAA which is none of those things and appears to have been written by a union hack fresh out of law school?

  • joan

    Tommy Wells is late to the game. If he were sincere about a living wage, he would have been engaged in the legislative process instead of coming in after the fact.

  • chris hauser

    walmart gonna suck lots of sales taxes out of maryland......

  • RealDC

    This is why Wells won't become mayor, ever.

    He could change his vote and have a big come up with the residents of DC. Labor unions would get behind him and he would over take Bowser in the polls.... but just like a "smarty pants progressive" he is going to try to be the 'bright" one and create his on living wage bill. Duh. Will never pass.

    Sometimes you just need to do the OBVIOUS not ARDOUS.

    Damn, Tommy, get out of your own way!

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