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Ex-Council Staffer Beverley Wheeler Enters the Ward 1 Race

beverleyLL wondered in yesterday's column whether candidates in Ward 1 could throw the race to incumbent councilmember Jim Graham, if he does decide to run. Right on cue, the race now has a third challenger.

Beverley Wheeler, an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University and education consultant, filed papers with the Office of Campaign Finance yesterday. Wheeler, a 23-year resident of the ward, previously worked as the executive director of the District's State Board of Education and as chief of staff for then-At-Large councilmember Phil Mendelson.

Wheeler says she's confident that she can compete with her opponents, Bryan Weaver and Brianne Nadeau, despite her later start. LL will believe that when he sees the campaign finance filings.

As for Graham, Wheeler generously frames her run for his seat as a chance to give him a break from the ethics travails that earned him a D.C. Council reprimand in February. "He needs to take care of himself," she says.

Photo courtesy Beverley Wheeler

  • Ward One Resident

    She actually announced yesterday on Kinlow's radio show on WPFW...almost 30 hours ago.

  • Enough

    Why is Graham not in jail?

  • Hi Chuck

    Thanks for t he correction. What will happen to you if Nanny'$ reign of corruption ends? Perhaps a new shakedown racket, oops, I mean public affairs firm will emerge. Liaza and Theives has a ring to it.

  • http://oldadamsmorgan.blogspot.com The Best Darn Grandmom in Ward I

    Graham is not in jail because he has not been indicted AND convicted. This race just got interesting ! However, Graham has always said that he will leave the "indictment" up to his constituents when they go to the polls. My bet is on him running so he can claim vindication when he wins, again.

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  • Chuck

    The challengers need to be whittled down to ONE challenger to Graham in the Democratic primary. If there are more than one challenger on the primary tickey, Graham will win, as his challengers split the vote to boot him from the Dem ticket.